How addicted are you to MINECRAFT?

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Minecraft has become very popular amongst youngsters over the last years. this is basically a game, where you can build things and play against other players.

Are you addicted to Minecraft? Find out if you are addicted to Minecraft or not!!! We will give you advice,feedback and Tips & Tricks in order for you to understand the world of Minecraft!!!

Created by: Leonas

  1. How long do you play Minecraft?
  2. What is your favorite Charakter?
  3. Which device do you own?
  4. What is your favorite Let's Player?
  5. What server do you like best?
  6. How do you like the quiz so far?
  7. Do you have a computer or Laptop?
  8. Do your friends tell you, that your insane and crazy?
  9. What skin do you have?
  10. Are you excited for the results?

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Quiz topic: How addicted am I to MINECRAFT?