Hottie Test!!!!

People give you labels such as "Ugly, hot, a face not even a mother could love" But do you know who YOU really are? Take this test to find out. Are you beautiful or ugly as a donkey. Or worse! The IT itself ( the IT is a really ugly kid in our grade)

Are YOU hot. Or are you some freak that pisses in your pants ALL THE TIME! Take this test and your question will be anwsered. Come on don't be shy, it won't take that long.

Created by: Justice
  1. What is the color of your hair
  2. What color are your eyes
  3. length of hair
  4. how tall are you
  5. what is your skin color
  6. Bad habbits
  7. fat or skinny
  8. brush your teeth
  9. buff
  10. glasses

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