are you a hottie?

this quiz is about advice to see if you can get a man or yu need to do something with your body.if you know that you are a hottie then you really don't need to be taking this quiz.but if you know that you can absolutly not get this really cute boy that you've been crushing on then take the quiz again to how hot you are!

are YOU a hottie? take the quiz to find out? do you need a make over to get a guy? do you already got the boys droolin? if you got the boys screaming for you to get away then please take the quiz when you have improved. but if you got them screaming for you to be with them then there is no point of even taking the quiz.

Created by: alacia

  1. what is your body type?
  2. whats u r hair type?
  3. skin type?
  4. whats ur flirting type?
  5. hows your face
  6. eye color?
  7. eyebrows
  8. cloths type
  9. long r ur nails?
  10. r u hairy?

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Quiz topic: Am I a hottie?