Hot or not quiz

There are many hot people out there if you are on then don't take the quiz and feel proud of yourself your a true hotty and if you are not take the quiz see hot hot you are!

Take the quiz and see if your hot of your not than do not take it hard on yourself and if you are than thank you for taking the quiz and have a good day!!!

Created by: Alysa Gould

  1. Do you have ugly cloths?
  2. Do you get your haircuts from Walmart?
  3. Do you have pimples?
  4. Are you fat?
  5. Do you talk about yourself in mean ways?
  6. Do you think your ugly?
  7. Are you taking this quiz on a dare?
  8. Do you love sports?
  9. Are you good at sports?
  10. What's your age?

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