There are alot of people who love horses but are they the true stuff?? do they REALLy know everything about horses? well the main things? take this quiz to find out your average

If you think you ♥ horses take this main quiz on horses these r mostly main idea ?'s so u better do a good job or ur so not a horse 5♥ lolz so have fun wit it

Created by: morgan of none
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  1. What is a Female older horse called?
  2. what is a older male called?
  3. What is a female baby horse called?
  4. what is a male baby horse called?
  5. What is the thing you ride your horse with and use to control him/her?
  6. what is the thing you sit in when you ride your horse when your not bareback?????????/
  7. what is the thing you put your feet in when you ride?
  8. how mant times should you feed your horse?
  9. AM I AWESOME????????????
  10. what is the thing you lead your horse on when your not riding?

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