Horse Coat Colours

How much do you know about the coat colours of the horse? Test your knowledge here in this multiple choice quiz, which will tell you exactly how much you know :)

This talks both about general colours and of famous horses, but you'll figure it out Oh, and if you want a free point, click the top one on the last question or else you will lose a point for sure ;)

Created by: Sloe

  1. Which colour describes a horse with black skin and white fur?
  2. Which coat colour describes a horse with a brown coat and black mane, tail and points?
  3. Which coat colour describes a horse with distinct black and white patches?
  4. Which coat colour describes a horse with golden body and a paler mane/tail?
  5. Which coat colour describes a horse with a few white hairs scattered amongst a mainly black coat?
  6. Which coat colour is the predominant colour for 99% of Friesians?
  7. Which is it called when a darker horse has white legs above the knee?
  8. Which coat colour describes the horse Ginger from Black Beauty?
  9. What colour was the famous racehorse Red Rum?
  10. Did you enjoy my first quiz?

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