Hogwarts Sorting Quiz

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Many people wonder what house they're in after the finish Harry Potter. I made this for fun so it's probably not totally accurate, but at least it's something. Please be truthful while answering though!

Before now you might have wondered where you belong, but now, going to Hogwarts is a whole lot simpler thanks to the internet. Take this quiz, then a wand quiz, and voila you're a witch. Well anyways, have fun!

Created by: Luna Lovegood
  1. A genie pops out of a bottle and offers you one of five things. Which do you accept.
  2. What are you looking forward to learning at Hogwarts?
  3. What creatures interest you the most?
  4. What attracts your attention?
  5. Moon or Stars?
  6. Cedric or Harry?
  7. Left or Right?
  8. Who was worse: Umbridge or Snape?
  9. Mudblood, Pureblood, half-blood
  10. River or forest?

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