Hogwarts Run - Year One- Part 1

Today is your first day at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. You meet new friends and some old friends, like Chelsea. Will you survive your first year?

Welcome to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Here you will meet all sorts of friends such as Ronald Weasly, Hermononie Granger, and the legendary Harry Potter. But Chelsea your friend will help you along the way.

Created by: ButterDewdrop

  1. You bursted down the stairs and looked in the mail. There was a letter addressed to you. Dear, ______ I am here to inform you that you will be taking place here at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Here is a school list of things you will need. You can find this at Diagon Ally. Sincerly Proffecer Mcgonogald. Your mom walks over to you. "_____, why don't we take floo powter there. TIME SKIP You finish getting everything and You where about to leave diagon ally when you meet a boy:
  2. The boy walks over to you. "Hello, who are you?" asks the boy. "Im _____, who are you?" you ask. "Im Harry, Harry Potter." Your mother and father gasp. You hear train bells ring. Oh boy, you two may want to get on the train. Here are the tickets. Your mother and father gives one to you. Harry has his already. You two run off and get on the train. You two sit in the same cart. Another kid peeks through the door and asks: may I please sit with you. "Sure Harry says." Where does this new boy sit and where does Harry sit?
  3. Later on you see a blond girl almost walk right past your dorm. That blond girl was your best friend Chelsea. She sat next to another girl. You waved and she and the other girl got into your cart. "Who are these fellows?" Chelsea asks. "Im Harry, Harry Potter." Says Harry. Everyone exept you and Harry gasp. "Why is everyone gasping?" You ask. "Can I please see the scar?" askes the New boy. Harry lifts up a part of his hair to relive a lighting bolt shaped scar.
  4. The train stops and you see a man with a very large brown curly beard. Everyone on the train goes to him. So you follow the crowd. You see Harry and everyone else. You end up on a boat with Harry and the other boy. "So who are you, Im Ron." says the boy. "Im _____" you reply.
  5. You look over at the huge building "Woah" all you say together.
  6. You start heading in and you hear a proffecer call your name to the sorting hat. "____" Says a proffecer. The moment the hat was put on your head the hat yelled RAVENCLAW. The rest of your friends go. They all where in diffrent houses, Ron and Harry where in Gryffendor and Chelsea was in Hufflepuff.
  7. You go to your dorm and sit on a chair. You sigh and see that you have to go to potions. You look at your secdual and see you have no classes with HufflePuff. You see you do have Potions with Griffendor. You look at the time, YOUR LATE! You:
  8. You get there a minute late. "50 points from RavenClaw! Your late!" Yells Prof.Snape." You look down and take a seat next to:
  9. (WHOEVER YOU SAT NEXT TO) pats your back.) Potions class starts and you brew the potion in seconds. Prof.Snape says that _____ cheated.
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