Hogwarts or not

There are many people in the world but some Wizards and those wizards magic most of the people who owns magic Muggles Muggles of people who have no magic whatsoever and are useless to The Wizarding World

Are you a wizard are you going to go to Hogwarts or are you going to be a muggle and have to stay away who knows do you have magic and do you have what it takes

Created by: Sapphire

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  1. Which pet would you rather have
  2. What do you like to do on weekends
  3. Which magical creature would you rather have .....
  4. Which of these names seem odd to you?.....?!.....
  5. Is it a stick or a wand
  6. School robe or bathrobe
  7. You have to save a baby dragon your little brother and a book of spells which order do you save them in
  8. Which of these things you most scared of
  9. Is there a difference between the Wizard Chest and regular chest
  10. Is it galleons stickles and nuts quarters nickels and pennies

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