Hogwarts, magic, and secrets (TRULY Part 7)

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Hey guys! Sorry I've been inactive lately! I found my technology! LOL! Anyway, I hope you like it and I hope that you do the usual of what I ask from you!

Recap: It was Christmas, the last day of the year, confessions from Draco and Oliver and you kissed Ron. George asked for a kiss and you have him candy! Also: YOU DIED! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Alright, so this is the start of 4th year!!! Also, I've tried out something new for the results, tell me who you like it!
  2. {Hermione's POV} I tore open the letter that Hedwig dropped to me. It was, obviously, fro Harry. It said, 'Hey, Hermione! Are you going to the Quidditch World Cup? I am. Hope your summer has been well! See you soon, Harry.' I smiled weakly, I was going even if my parents said I couldn't. I nearly burst in tears as I remembered Esmerelda Conners. Everything reminds me of her lately! Normally it wouldn't bother me as much, but she was a good friend of mine, and she died while on an adventure with e and Harry! She sacrificed herself for Buckbeak, Harry, and me! I wiped my eyes and sent Harry a quick reply. We never talked about Ezy because we've been waiting for her. Dumbledore had told us that she'd be fine, but I saw the ax drop, I watched her die! Harry has full confidence in Dumbledore, but I have my doubts. I sent Hedwig off to Harry's house.
  3. I was reading my favorite book 'Romeo and Juliet' when another owl landed on my bed. "What the?" I whispered. The owl wasn't Hedwig, Errol; the Weasley's owl, or Pig; Ron's owl. "Crookshanks, come here," I ordered as my ginger cat began to claw at my dresser. The cat laid on my lap as I opened the letter. It was on cream colored parchment and the letters were blue and in cursive! I read the letter and let the tears fall.
  4. I smiled and re-read the letter to make sure I hadn't read it wrong. I hadn't. It said, 'Hey, 'Mione! Will I see you at the Burrow? I'm already there. Will explain the death situation later! Best of wishes! Love Ezy.' She's alive!! Now nothing was going to stop me from going to the Burrow! Also, I was going to strangle Ron for not telling me! "Mum! A friend of mine and his family will be here soon! Could you clean out the fireplace?" I called as I left the room. "Sure, honey!" My mum answered as I entered the living room. "Hold up! 'His family'? Is your boyfriend coming over?" My father was dead serious. "Dad!!" I whined. My mum ushered him from the room and sat to attend the fireplace. I knew that the Weasleys would arrive by Floo and in turn in the fireplace. "Mum, look out!" I warned as green flames appeared. My mum obliged and scurried away as a ginger stepped from the fireplace. "Hermione, got your things?" Mr. Weasley asked. "Yeah, they're upstairs. Mr. Weasley, this is my mum: Kinze and my dad: Tanner. Mum, Dad, this is Arthur, Ron, Fred, and George," I said. "Nice to meet you all!" My dad said. "Hermione, who's that?" My mum asked. I didn't miss a Weasley but I did miss Ezy. "EZY!" I squealed and hugged her. "Hey! Now let's not kill me again!" She joked. I walked to Ron who had a smug smirk. I slapped him hard on the arm. "What's that for?" He rubbed his shoulder. "Why didn't you tell me that Ezy was alive?!" I shouted. "I didn't know until this morning!" He put his hands up in mock surrender. I sighed and went to get my trunk from upstairs just as Ezy introduced herself.
  5. {Normal POV} "Aren't we getting Harry?" Hermione asked once she had her things. "Molly went to fetch him," Mr. Weasley answered as you took Crookshanks. "The Burrow!" Fred threw the powder into the fireplace. The Weasleys, Hermione, and yourself stepped into the flame. The world swirled and soon you were in the small but cozy living room of the Burrow. You saw Harry laying on the couch and you walked to his side. "Hey!" You smiled. "Hi, Hermione," Harry didn't open his eyes. It was just a guess for he had no idea who was talking to him. "Wrong fourth year! Open your eyes will you?" You hit him with a pillow. He sighed and opened his forest green eyes to see your brown ones. "Ezy?!" He sat bolt upright. "About time!" you joked as he hugged you tightly. You hugged him back until he stepped back. "How the heck are you alive?!" He asked. "Yeah. Ezy, you owe all three of us an explanation!" Ron sat on the couch as Hermione did the same.
  6. You put your thoughts in order and tried to explain it. "From what Dumbledore's letter told me I can tell you the generality of it. Basically, if Neville hadn't given me that bracelet and if Buckbeak hadn't made me an animagus, I would be dead," you said. They had puzzling expressions. "For Christmas Neville gave me this," you pulled two silver things fro your pocket. "It let me talk to animals and, from what I gather, become them too. I became Buckbeak and they killed me. They actually killed the bracelet so I woke up at my house a week later," you tried again. Their looks weren't disbelief, but admiration and relief. "I don't really care HOW you aren't dead, but I'm glad you aren't," Ron hugged you tightly.
  7. I'm going to skip a couple days to the World Cup!
  8. "Ezy, wake up!" Ginny hissed. You opened your brown eyes slowly and yawned. You stretched and sat up sleepily. "Morning, Gin," you rubbed your eyes. "Morning. We'll be leaving soon," The ginger left with that. You pulled your trunk from under the coffee table and popped the latch open. You dug around for your muggle clothes. You pulled out a pair of skinny jeans, a dark blue tank top, and a white denim jacket. You walked three rooms away and into the washroom. You dressed quickly and pulled a red scarf through the belt loops. You tied the scarf and braided your red hair, after brushing it. You brushed your teeth and left the washroom five minutes after entering it. You pulled on a pair of socks and hiking boots. No one knew they were hiking boots because they were black, knee high, and had a heel but they were. You smiled and walked to the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley had made toast and ham. You took a small plate and a few pieces of cinnamon toast. Ron, wearing a striped t-shirt and jeans, and Harry, in a red long sleeved shirt and jeans, descended the stairs sleepily. "MORNING, boys!" You said 'morning' loudly because they were nearly sleep-walking. "Morning," Harry yawned and sat beside you at the table. "When did you wake up?" Ron asked astonished. "Ten minutes ago. Why?" You asked skeptically. "Well, it's just, I've always heard it takes girls hours to get ready! You're dressed and looking nice within ten minutes!" He sat next to Harry. "Thanks, Ron," you blushed. "For saying you dress quick?" Ron was oblivious. "No, thanks for saying I look nice," you were embarrassed to have explain your thanks. "Oh, I said that out loud?" He blushed. You nodded and continued to eat. "Mr. Weasley! Good morning. Aren't we going to a portkey? Then why don't we just apparate there?" You asked. "We could. But I doubt you'd like to loose your breakfast once we get there," he smiled. You nodded and pushed your plate away from you. "Now, Esmerelda, do you have your ticket?" He asked. "All access pass, sir," you pulled out a lanyard with a card on it. "How?" Fred and George asked. "I've my ways," you said mysteriously as you put the lanyard around your neck. They nodded and said it was time to leave. You, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George, and Mr. Weasley left the Burrow and walked for hours!
  9. "Hi, Ced!" You hugged the Hufflepuff once you saw him. "Ezy! Good summer?" He asked as you stepped back. "The BEST. They finally 'realized' they can magic the house clean so I was lazy the entire time!" You smiled. "You remember my dad?" Cedric gestured to the man by his side. "Hi, Amos, how're you?" You addressed his father. "It's Mr. Diggory to you Esmerelda," he joked. "What happened to our first name basis. sir?" You joked. "Grab the portkey. Even a finger will suffice," Mr. Diggory answered. You knelt to the ground and grabbed a manky lace on the boot. "HARRY!" You told him for he was the only one not holding the boot. He grabbed the boot a microsecond before it took off. You were slammed into the ground a few seconds later and it felt as though Ron had kicked you in the gut! He had. "Sorry 'bout that, Ezy. Are you okay?" He helped you up. "I'm fine. Better actually," you didn't flinch once he didn't release your hand. You now realized that you did have feelings for Ron. You felt something for him ever since you saw the sweet, jealous side of him last year. Ever since he fought Oliver for you. You smiled and squeezed his hand as you resumed your hike. You weren't certain of your feelings for Ron. Or were you?
  10. You walked for a few minutes until you saw Draco! "Be right back," I told Ron and ran off. "DRACO!" You smiled to the blond. He was shocked to say the least! "What the? I was told you died?" He hugged you tightly. "I'm not. Well I was, oh it's complicated!" You stomped your foot childishly. "Draco, who is this?" A woman asked. "Elentiya Trixon. Pure-blooded Slytherin," you shook her hand. "I'm Narcissa and this is Lucius. And Why did you tell us your blood-status and Hogwarts house?" She was a bit suspicious. "I just LOVE to brag about it!" You smiled. "I like this girl!" Lucius smiled. "Thank you, sir. Now, I really must be going!" You said. "Wait. Miss Trixon, where are your parents?" Narcissa asked. "Either six feet under ground or in the pacific ocean," you sadly lied. "Oh dear! How unfortunate! Are you here alone?" She said. "No, I'm with my cousins," you lied. "Who are they?" She asked. "The Weasleys," you sighed. 'Man, these people are getting on my nerves! If I didn't care about Draco I'd run off screaming!' You thought as Narcissa commented on the awfulness of that. "The Weasleys aren't that bad, ma'am," for once a truth! "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to offend! We don't exact;y see eye-to-eye, us and the Weasleys," she apologized. You said it was nothing and dismissed yourself. "Ellie!" Draco ran after you. "What was with all the lies? There was only one thing in that entire conversation that wasn't a total lie!" Draco whispered. "Would you rather find out what happens if they know you're friends with a half-blood Gryffindor?" You asked. "In all honesty, yeah. I'd rather my parents like Ezy Conners than Ellie Trixon!" He smiled. "Then you tell them. Your mum seems the least prejudice, tell her," you solved. "Could you?" He pleaded. "Fine. Mrs. Malfoy, could I talk to you?" I called to her. She nodded and walked to you. "Yes?" She asked kindly. "What I say next, please don't punish Draco for it!" You pleaded. "Why would I?" She asked. "Everything I just said was a lie," you told her. "Why would you lie to us?" She asked angrily. "I was afraid you would punish Draco for being my friend if I didn't tell you that," you looked to the ground. Lying was easy but confessing the lie was another story. "Then what are you like?" She asked. "I'm a half-blooded Gryffindor. The Weasleys aren't related to me, but they are great friends of mine. My parents are dead but I have no clue who they were. And my name is Ezy Conners," you confessed. "Well, Miss Conners, I'm disappointed that you lied to us. However, Draco has chosen a great friend! If you will lie to protect him and come clean because of his request I'm glad you're his friend. Now, run along," Narcissa said kindly.
  11. Since we all know what happened at the match I'm skipping to after it!
  12. "He's not just an athlete! He's an artist!" Ron was talking about Viktor Krum. "I think you're in love, Ron!" Ginny told him. Ron looked at you once she said this and you pretended not t notice. "Viktor I love you!" George began. "Viktor I do!" Fred finished. "When we're apart my heart beats for you!" Everyone chorused. "We have to get out of here!" Mr. Weasley shouted from outside. The death eaters had come! You grabbed your wand, not caring at all for the laws, and bolted outside after the rest of them. Your first destination was the muggle family being 'shown off' a few hundred feet away. "Why don't they help them?" You asked no one. "Too many of them," Cedric answered. "Avada" someone had their wand pointed to a child. "Stupefy!" You knocked them out. The child was an infant! You picked up the child and gave him to his mother. "Thank you. I don't know how I can ever thank you!" She said. "Just get out of here and we'll call it even!" You said as you saved another child. You were tackled to the ground by a man with a hairy face. Fenrir Greyback, a werewolf on a full moon night. He bit you and you screamed in pain. "Stupefy!" You shouted to the werewolf. He flew backwards with a whimper. "Crucio!" Someone cast wand to you. You screamed in agony as your scar began to bleed. "Expelliaramus!" George cast. You were on the ground once the torture stopped. You gasped for breath and ran off into the forest after thanking him. Draco was saying that Hermione was in danger. "They're after muggles and mudbloods, Granger," He smirked. "WHAT did you call her?" You announced yourself. "Nothing," he said. "What happened to you?" Ron asked. "Cruciatus curse and bitten by a werewolf. Saved a few kids and George saved me. Rather not talk about it," you said briefly. "Who cursed you?" Draco asked. "I don't know. It was a woman with a scary voice," You said apologetically as you looked out through the trees. You saw the muggles being tortured and began to run off. Draco grabbed your arm. "You can't go out there alone!" He warned. "Then come with me!" You told him. "Have you any idea what they'd do to me?" He asked. "Such a great friend you are! I lie so you don't get in trouble and when I'm about to do something when I need your help you're more concerned about yourself!" You yanked your arm from him and ran out of the forest. "Stupefy!" You shouted to the nearest death eater who was levitating a muggle. It was the woman that was being 'shown off'! She fell and just before she hit the ground, "Aresto moment!" She stopped and fell the last inch. You did the same to the rest of the family. A ministry man wiped their memories of the incident as you ran off to find Harry.
  13. "Hello, Potter," Draco found him first. Although, he addressed Harry but was looking at you! "Potter's over there!" You commented. "I know. I just got distracted by your, um, little bite," he said as she pointed to his own neck. 'Little bite' was a massive understatement! The bite was the size of a galleon and the blood covered your entire neck! "Yeah, I'm gonna kill Greyback!" You said maliciously as you knelt beside Harry. The death eaters had left by now and the dark mark was hovering above you. "Harry?" You asked uncertainly. "Yes?" He asked. "Whew! You're not dead! The dark mark means someone was killed and it's over you so I expected the worst," you were relieved. "Harry! Ezy!" Hermione ran over to the two of you. "Get down!" Ron pulled you to the ground. "Stupefy" was cast by several ministry members. "Stop! That's my son!" Mr. Weasley pushed through as the four of you stood up. "Which of you cast it?" Barty Crouch asked, wand in your face. "Who here WOULD cast it?" You asked. "Don't deny it! You've been found at the scene of the crime!" Barty still had his wand pointed at you. You pushed it away as Harry asked, "What crime?" "The Dark Mark is Voldemort's mark," you explained as everyone but you and Harry flinched. "I did see someone. A man, over there. Don't ask who it was because I haven't a clue," Harry admitted.
  14. How was this? Sorry it's so long!! Also sorry for spelling errors the 'm' key wouldn't work half the time! Comment,rate,polls, and quizzes! Also, in the comments tell me who you'd like to attend the Yule Ball with and who'd you like more romance with! Thanks! Bye! Accio new results!

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