Hogwarts Love Story pt 35

Hello there! And welcome to part thirty-five, a mere day after part thirty-four. A record for me, I think, since I first began to series back in 2012.

Part thirty-four was the Department of Mysteries. Cedric appeared rather angrily to save the day, along with the Order, you had a nice (or not so nice) chat with him, and Sirius Black was (*sobs*) killed by Bellatrix.

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. I let out an incoherent scream as Harry ran after Bellatrix Lestrange. I knew only too well that Harry was hot-headed and ruled by anger, and he was going to end up hurt if he ran after that particular insane Death Eater. As I began to run forwards after Harry, I felt fingers wrap around my robes. "Cailey—" I yanked myself free from Lupin's grasp, and continued to run. I ducked a spark of bright blue that flew towards me, and swerved around the group of Death Eaters held in the middle of the room, avoiding the ones not yet captured. I caught sight of Harry a few metres ahead of me, and pulled my wand out in front of me as I saw somebody tailing me from the corner of my eye. As I rounded the corner, hearing the taunts from Bellatrix that would cut Harry to the core, I found myself being slammed into the ground behind the golden statues of the elf and the wizard in the middle of the Ministry. I twisted over, but whoever had knocked me down had a firm grasp on my waist, and wasn't relenting. "Calm down," Cedric ordered. "Just—" Cedric cut himself off and sucked in a sudden breath, his eyes widening with shock and a little bit of fear. Even in the graveyard the previous year when he was a second away from death, Cedric hadn't looked scared. So what was it now? I craned my neck to look up where Harry stood near Bellatrix, and felt my own eyes widen. I wished beyond belief that I hadn't followed Harry.
  2. "It was foolish to come here tonight, Tom," Dumbledore said calmly as he curled around Voldermort. Voldermort's lip curled and his black robes swished along the floor as they continued to talk, and Bellatrix pleaded. With a wave of his wand, Dumbledore sent the golden statues into life, and a house-elf sprang in front of Cedric and I. Seeming to snap into motion at the same time I froze, Cedric grabbed me as we stooped behind the moving form of the elf. Cedric curled the front his body over the back of mine as spells ricocheted around the hall, protecting me from the onslaught of Voldermort's attack. The goblin and the wizard were both standing around Harry, who was pressed against the shiny black wall of the room. Voldermort cursed up a snake, which Rose in front of Dumbledore. The silver-haired wizard flicked his wand swiftly and sent the snake flying; Voldermort snarled, and merely moved the snake towards where Cedric and I were standing. I winced slightly as the snake moved towards us swiftly, and let out a slight shout as the snake lunged. Cedric twisted us sideways as I heard a deafening smash. I felt him flinch above me, but didn't move from his protective stance. When at last I risked opening my eyes from where I'd screwed them tightly shut, I saw that Cedric hands were bleeding. I turned my head towards him, and saw that house-elf' head had been smashed off, and that each piece had splintered as it fell. While covering me, Cedric had taken the brunt of the weight of the sharp shards of golden statue. "I'm fine," he murmured. "You shouldn't have done that," I stated, falling into the depths of his grey eyes as I so often did. There was none of the anger in his eyes that had been there earlier - only a fiery defiance. "Yes, I should. They're only a couple of cuts."
  3. As the battle between Dumbledore and Voldermort raged on, the golden statues continued to defend Harry, Cedric and I. Without warning, Voldermort disappeared entirely. I saw the sudden fear on Dumbledore's face as he ordered Harry to stay where he was. As quickly as Voldermort had disappeared, Harry dropped to his knees, making a strange, agonising choking sound. He twisted strangely, and I clutched at Cedric's arm as I saw Harry's mouth move, lips forming words that were not his own. "Kill me now, Dumbledore..." he said, how voice not his own at all. "If death is nothing, Dumbledore, kill the boy..." Harry curled in on himself and then thrashed outwards again, his face contorting in pain. Then his eyes closed, his body went limp, and several Ministry Aurors, accompanied by the Minister for Magic himself, appeared in the green fireplaces. Voldermort let out a soft snarl as he surveyed the Ministry workers for a few, vital seconds, and then disappeared in a swirl of black and grey. Dumbledore moved quickly over to Harry, knelt beside him, and murmured something. I saw Harry nodded, and he placed his glasses back on his face. Dumbledore turned his attention to Cedric and I. "Are you two all right?" he asked, voice cutting through the silence clearly. "I think so," Cedric replied, nodding. Dumbledore regarded us both for a moment over his half-moon spectacles, and then turned to Cornelius Fudge, who was look for all the world as though he'd just received an almighty shock and a terrible blow all at the same time. And, most probably, he had, judging by how not even he could deny Voldermort's return now.
  4. Dumbledore laid down terms for Fudge clearly and sternly, his voice bordering on angry. "I will send these three back to school, Cornelius, and then I shall give you" –Dumbledore looked down at his pocket watch– "half an hour of my time tonight, during which I shall explain everything." Fudge was still spluttering with indignation, but Dumbledore ignored him, and instead pointed his wand at the fallen head of the golden wizard. "Portus," Dumbledore murmured. The head glowed blue and trembled noisily against the wooden floor for a few seconds, then became still once more. Dumbledore handed the Portkey to Harry, and called Cedric and I over quietly. I stepped carefully over the fallen and shattered pieces of the elf's head, and then over the large remainder of its now-still body, and knelt beside Harry, touching the Portkey. "I'll be with you in half an hour, Harry," Dumbledore murmured, smiling slightly as the Portkey began to spin and twirl. "Mr Diggory, Miss Rivers, kindly head to the hospital wing upon your return." Cedric nodded once, looking across at me, and then the black-tiled walls of the Ministry disappeared and the world spun at lightening speed around me in a wild blur. My knees jarred as we landed on the floor of Dumbledore's office. I looked across at Harry, who had already stepped away from Cedric and I. "Harry—" "Go to the hospital, Cailey," Harry said quietly. "I'll see you later." I watched him forlornly for a few seconds, before Cedric touched my elbow gently and lead me out of the office. I heard the door lock behind us as we walked down the stairs and along the corridors towards the hospital wing in silence. Suddenly, I felt my head begin to swim and cloud, and the world around me wavered. I stopped walking and let out a quiet moan as my knees buckled beneath me. Cedric caught me awkwardly. "Stay awake for me. Come on, Cay," he murmured, lowering me carefully to the stone floor. Though I attempted to keep Cedric's grey eyes in my mind, it was much, much easier to let the swirling blackness overcome my senses and numb me from all that had happened over the past hours.
  5. I awoke to the sounds of utterly silence, save for a soft clanking beside me and the chirp of birds outside. As I opened my eyes, I squinted slightly against the bright sun, looking around the hospital wing as it came into focus through my blurry vision. I began to sit up, but a hand came down on my shoulder. "I don't think so," Madam Pomfrey said firmly, shaking her head. "Drink this, and don't make a fuss." I did as she ordered me to, and glanced across to my left. Unfortunately, Madame Pomfrey had drawn the curtains around my bed, so I had no idea of what had happened to the others. "What happened?" I asked urgently. "Where's everyone else? Hermione—" "Miss Granger was hit by a nasty curse," Madame Pomfrey stated. "But she'll be ok?" "Oh, she'll be quite all right." "What about Cedric? Ginny? Ron was all weird, and Luna and Neville seemed ok, but then—" "Calm down, Miss Rivers, before I have to send you back to sleep," she said sharply. "Your friends are all on the mend, much like yourself. I should think you can go later today, though I'll be keeping Miss Granger for a little longer." "Can I see them? Harry—" "Later." "But they—" "Later." "Are they even awake? Who's still here?" "Miss Granger and Mr Diggory are still here. The rest of your friends were allowed to leave this morning. Now please—" The sound of quick footsteps reached our ears. Madame Pomfrey let out a dramatic sigh, and moved out of the shelter of the curtain to see who it was and what they wanted. "Now really," Madame Pomfrey said, sighing. "Do you not think that you could wait until she's allowed out?" "No," came a familiar voice. Draco. The curtains of my bed were thrust aside a moment later, and Draco appeared, looking furiously worried. I raised an eyebrow at him as, no longer under the watchful eyes of Madame Pomfrey, I sat up. "Are you hurt?" Draco asked, looking strangely concerned. "I'm fine," I said. Seeing his doubtful expression, I added, "Really." "What happened?" he asked, sitting down in a chair beside the bed. "I mean, what really happened?" I pursed my lips slightly, before telling Draco the short version of what had happened. I wove Sirius' death into a few words, hoping that Draco wouldn't notice it at all. "Dear God," he muttered, running a hand through his hair. "How can you look at me, Cailey?" I stared at him. "What's that supposed to mean?" "After you saw my father—" "Because you are not your father," I replied smoothly. "Besides, I'm quite sure that you've proven that there's good in you somewhere. You're not all bad, Draco." "Yeah." He looked down at the floor. "See you around, Cailey. And just– Remember me this way." "No need to sound so morose," I stated lightly. "Maybe there is," Draco whispered, looking utterly torn as he looked at me. Then, in a whirl, he stood up, spun around, and left, leaving me none the wiser as to his strange behaviour and words.
  6. The final few days of the school year passed in a blur. Harry went from craving company to detesting it, and it wasn't easy to keep up with his erratic moods. Harry had come to care for Sirius as something between a father and a brother, and the loss had clearly hit him hard. I couldn't begin to imagine how he felt. Unfortunately, word of Lucius Malfoy's arrest spread through the school like wildfire, and Draco began to target the Golden Trio. Despite the soft side of Draco that I saw once in a while, it was blatantly obvious that he looked upon Harry with the same hatred that Snape had looked upon James Potter. I had had a long conversation with Hermione about what she was telling her muggle parents regarding what had happened in the Department of Mysteries, and we decided to keep it relatively brief. Hermione's parents were more level-headed than mine were, so I decided not to tell them how dangerous it had been in my last letter to them of the year. Instead, I focused mainly on how the Minister for Magic had finally been forced to admit that Lord Voldermort had indeed returned to full power. I mentioned Sirius' death too. I knew only too well that my parents were going to worry incessantly now, but I couldn't shield them completely from my world. As I so often did, I wished that my brother was still alive, and that I could share the burden with somebody else.
  7. It was two days after the Department of Mysteries battle that I first saw Cedric out of the hospital wing. At first, I thought that he was approaching me in the hallway merely for a social call, but the expression on his face quickly told me otherwise. "We need to talk," Cedric said, biting down on his lower lip as he folded his lips into a thin line. "Ok." I followed Cedric through the crowds of students milling about in the evening freedom. He stopped once outside in relative privacy, and sighed. "Look, I'm sorry for shouting at you in the Department of Mysteries. I wasn't trying to act like your father or anything. It's just–" Cedric cut himself off with a sigh, and turned his gaze to fix on something over my shoulder, behind me, as he spoke. "I go running off into danger all the time. I always have. I signed up for the Tri-Wizard Tournament because it was dangerous, because I thought I could win and buy back some pride for my house, and because I had the chance to do the stupid things I never usually got the chance to do. But when I had Wormtail nearly kill me, I felt myself grow up. I realised that you don't have to play the hero and do idiotic things. But by then I was sure it was too late. And then you appeared with your friends, and I was terrified for you. I saw that you weren't afraid of going into danger to help people, either. And that scared me. And that same quality scared me in the Department of Mysteries. I'm scared that in doing something great I'll lose you." I stared at Cedric for several long seconds as he continued to avoid my gaze, instead squirming uncomfortably. When I didn't speak, Cedric continued: "I'm leaving Hogwarts next year, and you know that I'm going into training to become an Auror, along with working as part of the Order. And that right there is dangerous and stupid, but I'm doing it regardless. I can't tell you not to go off into danger, because I do it myself. But next year, I can't be here to protect you. I know you think you don't need my protection, but you need someone's. Just as everybody else need's someone's. Harry would have dived right through that archway if you hadn't stopped him. Draco Malfoy wouldn't have realised that he has the capacity for being kind at heart if it weren't for you showing him. I wouldn't have realised all this without you. I wouldn't have loved without you. But just because I can't tell you not to go into danger doesn't mean I like it. And- Well, that's why I was shouting at you for going to the Department of Mysteries." I touched Cedric's cheek gently with my hand. "Hey, I understand. I hate that you're going to work one, as an Auror, and two, with the Order. I guess I should probably say that." I laughed slightly. "And I hate it for the same reason as you hate what I did. But I'm not going to stop you doing it. Again, for the same reason. But you'll have people protecting you and working with you, and so will I. If it's any consolation, I promise not to do something that stupid again. And I promise to listen to Hermione." Cedric laughed with me. "Thank you for understanding," he murmured. He leant his face towards mine slowly and gave me a gentle kiss, before moving away. "I love you, Cay. I don't say it enough. You know that right?" "Of course I do. And I love you, too." Cedric took my hand and gave it a squeeze. "I guess we should be getting to that feast, huh?" he asked. "I guess so."
  8. By the time the Hogwarts Express pulled into platform nine and three-quarters, Harry was undoubtedly looking miserable. I gave him a nudge as we walked across the platform. "I don't think things will be so bad this year," I said, looking across at Mr Weasley, Mad-Eye Moody and Lupin, the latter of which caught my eye and smiled. Lupin had sent me a letter the day before, and had mentioned to me that he was going to be speaking to Harry's aunt and uncle. "Why's that?" he asked, stroking. Hedwig through the bars of her cage. "Harry!" Mrs. Weasley embraced Harry tightly, and I grinned. I said goodbye to Harry, Ron and Ginny, and made my way over to Hermione, who was waiting for me by her parents. "I'll see you at the Burrow in a few weeks, right?" I asked. "Right. August eleventh. See you there, Cailey." Hermione gave me a hug, and waved goodbye as her parents began to walk her out. I had said my goodbyes to Luna, Neville and Cedric already, and there was only one person I wanted to speak to before the summer holidays began. That person was Draco Malfoy. And Draco Malfoy was lurking in the shadows of the train, looking across the where Narcissa Malfoy was patiently waiting, her clothes looking pristine. "Draco," I murmured, gaining his attention. He looked to me. "Cailey. Hello." "I just wanted to say goodbye," I stated, "I'm not going to go crazy. So stop looking at me like that." "Like what?" "Like I'm about to run away screaming and it's going to hurt to watch. What you said when I was in the hospital wing... I'm not going to ask what that was about, because you're not going to tell me." "Damn straight," Draco muttered. I ignored his comment. "But I am going to say this. Whatever you think, you are capable of being a good person. You are capable of more than you think. You don't have to get yourself tied down with what you think you need to do." Draco sighed when I finished. "It's not always that simple, though I wish it were. Just promise me something, please?" "What?" "That whatever happens next year, you'll remember me like this." "You won't change that much."
  9. Draco's face twisted at my words. It didn't twist in anger or indignation as I expected it to at my half-insulting tone, but in fear and pain. I frowned and grasped his fingers in mine. "Draco—" "Just promise me, Cailey. Promise me that whatever you hear, that whatever Potter suspects, and that whatever is proven, you will remember me like this. Please." Draco begged me silently with his eyes. I was shocked by the emotion and wretched hope held in his expression. "I promise. You know you can talk to me, don't you? I know you're not all you pretend to be." "If talking to you would help, I would," Draco murmured. "Is this about your father going to Askaban?" I asked gently. Draco shot me a vile look. He opened his mouth, and then closed it again. For a moment, he looked incredibly confused. "I– Maybe. I don't know. It could be- revenge?" He seemed to be talking to himself at that stage, and Draco's sudden mood shifts were beginning to worry me. What was upsetting him so? "You know sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do, but you have to do them just because if you don't terrible things will happen?" Draco asked, looking at me. I nodded slowly, although I didn't really. "It's like that. But whatever I do, terrible things will happen. Whatever I choose, things will end badly. But underneath, I'm a coward. So I'll choose the coward's choice." "Don't talk like what you do is going to make the end of the world. You're a teenage student, not the Minister for Magic." "Yeah, well. At the moment it feels like I'd rather be the Minister," Draco muttered. He looked up at me, and sighed. "I'll see you in September, Cailey. And if you can still bare to look me in the eye, I might speak to you next year too. I doubt it'll take Potter more than a week to work it out." "Draco—" But he was gone.
  10. For what could have been several minutes, I looked after Draco as he walked away towards his mother, who greeted him with a fuss. Draco shrugged off her embrace, and began to walk towards the exit. "You ok?" I spun around to face Cedric. For a moment, I debated replying with a lie - I debated saving myself breath and saying that I was fine. But this was Cedric, not Harry or Ron. While I knew that Draco wasn't exactly Cedric's favourite person, his dislike of Draco wasn't the prejudice loathing of Harry and Ron. "Not really," I said, allowing Cedric to wrap me in his gentle embrace. Slowly, still thinking about it myself, I told Cedric about Draco's strange behaviour both in the hospital wing and just then. Cedric shook his head at me. "I don't know, Cay. It sounds like he's got to do something he doesn't want to - something that he thinks will change your image of him. Speaking of which, did you really think that a brief hug constituted as a proper goodbye?" Cedric narrowed his eyes at me, and I smiled slightly. "Sorry. I don't like goodbyes." "I'm not moving to Australia, you know. I'll still be in London." "Yeah, but you might as well be in Australia. You won't be at Hogwarts with me next year, or the year after. And you'll probably be too busy to see me during the holidays." My voice was a little bitter as I spoke, and Cedric clearly picked up on this. "Now you're just being ridiculous. If there's one person at all I'm going to make sure I see as much as I can, it's you. What I was going to ask you, was whether or not you're prepared to wait for me. Two years... I can see you as much as I can, but it's not the same. I just—" "Of course I'll wait for you. Although it's more you waiting for me, really. Please don't become some irritating, self-sacrificing boyfriend that thinks the worst all the time. I'm perfectly happy with you, and that's not going to change. Get over yourself." Cedric grinned at me as I spoke, and pressed his lips once against mine. "I'll see you before summer ends, ok?" "Ok," I murmured, leaning my head against his shoulder. "Do you remember the Yule Ball last year?" "Of course," Cedric said. "You taught me to stop dwelling on the past that night. But when I saw Bellatrix kill Sirius, I realised that there are pieces of the past that have to be honoured. And Sirius Black is undoubtedly one of them." "I agree." "It wasn't fair that Harry and Sirius got such a short time together," I murmured, looking across at the Boy Who Lived - the young man who would have to kill Lord Voldermort, according to the prophecy (which Harry had told Ron, Hermione, Ginny and I about on the train). "No. But I suspect that Harry is going to make Sirius proud," Cedric stated certainly. "Yes," I replied. "Of that I have no doubt."
  11. *vulturemonem* Oh yes, I did. Two updates in two days. After such a long length of writer's block, the ideas are suddenly flowing. I really enjoyed that chapter, and loved the freedom to deviate almost completely from Rowling's original plot line. It's actually the simpler, lower-drama moments that seem to give me more of a chance to explore Cailey Rivers and her story. That's a wrap, people. The fifth year has now finished, and the sixth year is now beginning. I have just had a lightbulb moment for the sixth year, and I'm really excited about starting this year!! For all my Draco fans, it is most certainly going to be high in Draco Malfoy. I've found a strange fascination for Draco... Particular after a certain person *glares at music* made me fall in love with him within about three sentences. Love to you all, and have an awesome summer season -- I'm enjoying the heat here in Britain!! I'll be back with the sixth year soon -- hopefully very soon. Within the- I was about to say 'within the month', but it's the 31st of June. Within the month of July!! xXx
  12. *vulturemonem* Oh yes, I did. Two updates in two days. After such a long length of writer's block, the ideas are suddenly flowing. I really enjoyed that chapter, and loved the freedom to deviate almost completely from Rowling's original plot line. It's actually the simpler, lower-drama moments that seem to give me more of a chance to explore Cailey Rivers and her story. That's a wrap, people. The fifth year has now finished, and the sixth year is now beginning. I have just had a lightbulb moment for the sixth year, and I'm really excited about starting this year!! For all my Draco fans, it is most certainly going to be high in Draco Malfoy. I've found a strange fascination for Draco... Particular after a certain person *glares at music* made me fall in love with him within about three sentences. Love to you all, and have an awesome summer season -- I'm enjoying the heat here in Britain!! I'll be back with the sixth year soon -- hopefully very soon. Within the- I was about to say 'within the month', but it's the 31st of June. Within the month of July!! xXx

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