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Okay well I explain it under 1. so just skip this, I need to make this longer sooooo..... mjaunwuwjmuwmuwmhwmhs hs ha ha ha haha s hamhajamjamkamjamjajmajwuwiwjsjdbdjnsk,ndksimsmksninnj. Oof, that should be enough,

Please don’t copy this! I have worked hard on this, don’t claim it either please. I will report you, anyway hope you enjoy this! 💫🌈💎❤💞

Created by: SlyLil_L

  1. Hi! Your a 4th year(Couldn’t be bothered doing Oliver, sorry Oliver crazed fans!) Also sorry if you don’t like the house you get sorted into I’m sorry but I did it so it would be more interesting and would help me with the start(You’ll understand later!), hope you enjoy!
  2. You sigh, tears stinging your eyes, you had to go to Hogwarts, and were moving to England!!! Why did everything have to change suddenly. Tears drip down your face as your remember your parents faces... You missed them ever so dearly! You weren’t ever going to see them again... Your Uncles and Auntie had been at a restaurant, celebrating your mums birthday and some(Rage started to overwhelm you as you remembered) Deatheaters had set the place on fire.
  3. You shake yourself, no, I have to be strong, you fling the rest of your stuff into your new suitcase, you had went to beauxbatons before, so you would be getting sorted into a house. You kinda hoped your house would be ________. You had heard that the sorting hat took your choice into account, you knew all about the sorting hat of course, you were a bit of a bookworm and loved books, so you had wasted no time in distracting yourself from you whole family’s deaths and reading them. You had heard all about Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and of course, Hermione Granger! You wondered whether you would meet them, and even perhaps become an acquaintance to them!
  4. You were glad you had one living relative left, Uncle Sev. He was kinda cold, but once you got to know him you knew he was really a kind person inside! Apparently he taught Potions, which was good, because you were actually good at making remedy’s. You had helped Uncle Sev with some of his potions before. You had known there was a chance you could be a Witch because your whole family knew about Uncle Sev plus, there were others in her family who were Wizards and Witches, You were excited to make friends at Hogwarts, you had only made one when you were in beauxbatons because they were all Light Veela whereas you were a Dark Veela, not many people know about Dark Veela’s, they’re basically the same as Light Veela, except they usually have dark eyes and hair, whereas Light Veela have light hair and eyes, “_______, are you ready?” Uncle Sev had popped his head around the door questionably, then noticed your sore red eyes and the bags under your eyes as well, he sighs. He walks. over to you and sits down on your bed. “______, did you get any sleep last night?” He asks, already knowing the answer.
  5. You don’t answer his question. “Well, if you ever need to talk, you know I’m always here.” He says smiling at you. You hug him, trying to hold back tears. “Sev?” You say. “Yes, ____?” He replies. “Is there any student you think I’d get along with?” You ask. Your uncle looks thoughtful for a while. “Yes, and I believe they will befriend you before you can befriend them.” Answers your uncle. You look surprised, but just nod, your uncle smiles and walks out of the room, reminding you as he walks out of sight, “Don’t forget Flamel or your suitcase or your mind!” You roll your eyes, but smile. You were glad you had such a great uncle. The thought of your other family came to mind but you pushed the thought out of your mind, you weren’t going to let your family down. You picked up your suitcase and cage with your owl Flamel in it and confidently strolled out of your room, that was, until your horrible brother pushed you out of his way(Well, more out of his way) you cursed at him in your mind. “Shove off loser.” Says your brother, Ivan, snickering. Your uncle hears him and gives him a sharp look. “Ivan, don’t push your sister around, just because you feel insecure doesn’t mean you have…
  6. to make her feel insecure!” ~~~Time skip~~~“Phew!” You had finally got there, “Weak.” Sn-----ed your brother. You feel tears sting your eyes. “Aw, is the little baby going to cry?!” Said your brother, trying to provoke you. “Aw, don’t worry! Soon you’ll die like your weak mother!” Grinned your brother, he hadn’t liked your Mother like he liked your Father. “That is enough!” Shouted their Godfather, a murderous look in his eyes; glaring at Ivan. “_____’s mother is your mother as well!” Said Sev, still glaring at Ivan, though his eyes less like a raging storm. “Come, we must go to the headmaster.” Announced Sev. You all walked at a quick pace, eventually, they arrived in front of what looked like a grumpy old gargoyle, “Lemon drops,” said Sev confidently. Nothing happened. “Oh, great the old bother has changed the password again.” Muttered their uncle. “Liquorice wands!” Said Ivan. Again, nothing happened. Ivan and Sev tried numerous times but nothing hapened. “Can I try?” You ask. “No! You are too dumb! Probably not even magical enough!” Said Ivan, frustrated. “Shush Ivan, and getting a password right has nothing to do with intelligence or magic unless you are trying to get into…
  7. Ravenclaw tower! Of course you can _____!” ~~~Time skip~~~ You wake up excited, “FIRST SCHOOL DAY AT HOGWARTS!” You scream.
  8. “Shut up freak!” Shouted your brother, from the other room. You sigh and get on your Hogwarts uniform, you were going to get sorted after the first years, in front of the whole school! You felt really nervous, and excited. You walk to your uncles office, “When are we going down?” You ask your uncle Sev, “When your brother comes in we’ll go down to the great hall.” Replies your uncle, just then, your brother walks in. “Follow me.” Says Sev. You all walk down the corridor then down the stairs in silence. As you walk down the last few steps of the last staircase you hear chattering coming from the hall. As you step off the last step your eyes widen. What seemed like thousands of students were all sitting on tables, very long tables. You gulped. You thought you felt your inside screaming, ‘Here comes my social anxiety’ you think very nervously.
  9. “This way.” Says your GodFather, you notice his face has looked emotionless since you entered the great hall. You walk along the left side of the hall, trying not to look the staring. You suddenly look towards a table and see ____(Who?)
  10. you blush and look away, embarrassed. You both stand beside your Godfather/uncle, who’s now sitting down beside all the other teachers. Ivan shoves you carelessly, not caring what direction you go. You manage to gain your balance and fold your arms across your chest, you try to hold in tears, Ivan always had to make things worse! Couldn’t he just leave her alone for one day?! Or even just a hour!? You make your face go blank, it was one of your family’s many talents, hiding your emotion. A few others were coming up with good comebacks and reading people’s emotions from there eyes, a persons eyes betray them if/when they try to hide their emotion. But sometimes, if you were good at it, you could conceal your emotions from your eyes as well, it needed lots of practice though. the kind old man you had met yesterday stood up and almost instantly, the great hall was silent. You suspected the kind man was respected very much by the whole school. You look towards the man politely, waiting for him to speak.
  11. Hope you enjoyed! Anyway it might take 2 to 3 days to get this finished! Sorry! I get distracted easily and I have homework to do! Sorry if it was too short for your liking or too long! Please tell me what you think in the review/comment section! 😊🤘🏻✨💖💫

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