Hogwarts House Test

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Are you a fan of Harry Potter ? Want to see what house you really belong in ? Try my quiz here and find out the true meaning of Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

If you enjoy this quiz, which you hopefully do, don't feel recommended to share if you don't want to, I am merely doing this for fun. Enjoy and have fun!

Created by: HarryPotterfan63

  1. You are given four potions, which do you choose ?
  2. For Care of Magical Creatures you need to tame a magical creature, which do you choose ?
  3. What subject are you most exited about ?
  4. Who is your favourite female character?
  5. Where would you find yourself most ?
  6. What position would you play if you were the Quidditch Pitch ?
  7. Choose an item:
  8. Choose a Book:
  9. What pet would you have ?
  10. What house do you want to be in ?

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