Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 2

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Hey everyone! I'm sorry, I wanted this out sooner, but I got loaded down with so many things it's not even funny. BUT It's here now! By the way, I made an error on your schedule.

It said that you had Astronomy, but I ment Divination. Sorry about that! Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last quiz, and I can't wait to hear what you guys think about this one!

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  1. I woke up at the crack of dawn-well, 6:30 to be exact. Don’t ask me why, but I ALWAYS get up at 6:30, just a habit from my old school maybe? But lessons didn’t start until nine there, hmm…maybe it was to finish homework I hadn’t turned in? I don’t know, it’s anyone’s guess. Zan was already sitting up and stretching. She grinned at me, and then pointed to Jen, who was sleeping with her feet on her pillow, head hanging over the edge of her bed. I smothered a giggle and went to change into my school robes. There was no one in the bathrooms, so we didn’t have to fight for a mirror. When went back to our room to put our stuff away, and no one had moved yet, so we went down to the dining hall by ourselves. “Soooo, who was that guy you were talking to last night?” Zan asked me, nudging my shoulder. I tilted my head, trying to remember his name. “I think his name was Draco, why?” She just shrugged and smiled innocently at me. I groaned knowing that look. “Do you think he’ll ask you out?” she asks. “Nope,” I say, arriving at the nearly empty great hall. She’s been pushing me to find a boyfriend since the beginning of the summer. “He just asked about Cresco.” She pouted as she loaded eggs and bacon onto her plate.
  2. "You know, you should really watch what you eat, you really aren’t active enough to eat that much,” I advised her. She stuck out her tongue at me, and took an extra slice of bacon to make a point. I just rolled my eyes and returned to eating my honey and biscuits. People finally started trickling in to eat just as we were leaving. We walked out the doors and literally ran into Oliver. Well, more like I did while Zan strategically disappeared. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” I blurted. People around us stared, and someone from the crowd said, “Did a SLYTHERIN just apologize? The world must be coming to an end.” Everyone laughed as Oliver held out a hand. “Shove off you guys, I’m sorry,” he said to me as everyone else walked into the great hall. I accepted the hand and then there was an awkward silence that I decided to fill with, “Sooo….Shakespeare, huh?” He gave me a confused look, and I explained, “Whenever there’s an awkward silence people start thinking about William Shakespeare…if you don’t you will now!” He laughed at me, looking slightly bewildered and said, “Thanks for that, now I’ll be haunted by that thought for the rest of my life.” I grinned slyly and replied with, “My pleasure.” I looked over his shoulder to see Harry and Ron staring and whispering. Then to the right of them where my friends were standing awestruck. “I have to go I think, I’ll see you around!” I said, skipping to where my roommates were, leaving behind a slightly bewildered 7th year. “First of all, why are you skipping?” asked Sarah. “It’s a lot more fun than walking,” I pointed out. They all stopped to consider that, and Jen said, “You’re right! Now, let’s go eat breakfast, I’m about to die from starvation.” She skipped ahead of us into the hall. We all looked at each other, and Kim shrugged as if to say, "Why not?’ So we all linked arms and skipped past Oliver into the great hall.
  3. Of course everyone was staring at us, and we just smiled and waved. I can tell my roommates and I are going to get along great. We all sat down, and they grabbed some food while Zan and I watched. Hally noticed and asked, “What? Are you guys not hungry?” Zan shook her head and stated, “No, we already ate.” “Mail’s here! Heads up!” Lexis cried. Hundreds of owls swooped down among the students, delivering letters from loved ones. I received two: One from Dad, and one from Jake. I opened the one from Dad first. He was just inquiring about my journey to Hogwarts, what house was I in, did I have any friends yet. The one from Jake was slightly more entertaining. He talked all about how his roommates tried to prank him the first night he was there by levitating a bunch of water over his bed while he was sleeping, and then they were going to drop it on him in the morning when he woke up. Little did they know, Jake gets up early just like I do. He saw the water, and moved it above the beds of his roommates before letting it go crashing down. Well minus Sean, (Zan’s brother a.k.a-his best friend) who had already woken up and was laughing from the chair he was sitting in while he was tying his shoes. He also told me to say hi to Zan for him.
  4. I looked up from the letter laughing and passed on the message, just as she said, “Sean says hi.” Everyone laughed, and we got teased for having boyfriends of course. I checked my simple black watch and pulled Zan up from her seat. “Sorry guys, but if we want to make it to transfiguration on time, we have to go!” I said, walking towards my first class of the day. When we got there, there were only two seats open: one next to Neville and one next to Hermione. Zan claimed the latter so I sat beside Neville and greeted him with a warm, “Hello!” He blinked, looking slightly shocked that I was talking to him. “Err-um-h-hi ______,” he said. I tilted my head and asked, “What’s wrong?” He smiled apologetically and replied, “Sorry, it’s just that I’m not used to a Slytherin being nice. I raised my eyebrows and teasingly responded with, “Should I be offended? And tell Zan that you think she’s mean?” Neville caught onto my tone of voice and responded with, “Of course you should! Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?” I laughed and was about to reply when Professor McGonagall started the lesson, and I fell silent to listen.
  5. After class ended I bid farewell to Neville and caught up to Hermione and Zan, both of which were heading to divination. “Hey,” I greeted Hermione. “Hey ____-“she was interrupted by someone else shouting, “Hermione, wait up!” I heard feet running quickly towards us, and I turned around to see who it was. Harry and Ron skidded to a halt beside us, recognizing me. “Oh, um, hi _____. Hi….” He trailed off, looking at Zan. “I’m Zan,” she introduced herself. Ron just stared at us, slightly frowning. There was an awkward silence as we continued to our next class. I just couldn’t get away from these things today! Fortunately, Zan decided it was too quiet. “Awkward turtle!” she stated. We all stared at her, and then we all laughed. “Thanks SO much Zan,” I said. “So…it’s too bad you guys are in Slytherin,” Ron comments. I blinked in surprise, turning to him. “Why is that?” He shifts uncomfortably as we start up the stairs, not expecting that response. “Well, you know. Slytherins are usually jerks, and complete rivals with Gryffindor’s,” he replies. Zan and I just stared at him. “So you’re saying that all Slytherins are jerks, and we can’t be friends with Gryfinndors,” Zan asks, clarifying. “Well, yeah-minus you two of course.” I drew in a breath, and spoke with an edge in my tone. “Well thanks so much Ron, for clearing up your stereotype. Come on Zan, apparently we as Slytherins are not welcome here,” I say, walking ahead, angry. Behind us I heard Harry say, “Nice going Ron, you made two beautiful girls walk away from us.” “People like that irritate me,” Zan states. I nod as we enter the divination classroom.
  6. The room was draped in deep red curtains. I sat at a table next to Zan and watched the nervous looking teacher pace back and forth across the room, apparently waiting for the students to finish arriving. We watched Harry, Ron, and Hermione sit at a table near the front, and Ron kept throwing apologetic glances our way. A group of Gryfinndor girls came in and sat at the table to the left of us. “So, do you guys know who this third year is, that Harry likes?” one of them asked. “Well, I think her name is _______, but she’s a Slytherin,” a girl across from her replied, the disgust clear in her voice. I threw Zan a glance, and she met my eyes, the same question in them that was in mine. Harry likes me? “Yeah, but I heard that his friend, um…Ren, Rob…well whatever his name is likes her too,” the same girl continued. “Don’t worry Romilda, I’m sure she’s no competion,” she soothed the girl who asked the question in the first place.
  7. Class started then, and the girls stopped talking so they could listen to the teacher. Today we were working with tea leaves, and we had to tell our own fortune. I drank my tea and looked in the bottom of my cup. Professor Trelauny came over and peered into my cup while I stared in a mix of understanding, horror, and apprehension. “A sun, a cross, and a falcon; what do they mean, Ms. Bonor?” she asked me. “It means that my happiness will cause others trials and suffering, and I have a deadly enemy,” I replied slowly. She looked pleased and said, “Very good Ms. Bonor! 10 points to Slytherin.” She moved on to another table, and I looked up at Zan. She shrugged and said, “Wow, tough luck.” Slightly irritated I asked, “What’s in yours?” “An acorn, which means I will come across unexpected gold,” she replied grinning. “Some people get all the luck. Who do you think my enemy is?” She thought for a moment, and then said, “Well, Pansy looked like she wanted to kill you last night.” We both laughed, but we were cut off when Professor Trelauny shouted, “A grim! You have a grim in your cup! That means death! You are cursed, boy!” We looked over to see our teacher pointing a shaking finger at Harry, who looked mystified. “Cla-class dismissed!” Professor Trelawney said, and then rushed from the room. I looked at Zan then shrugged, and followed my friend out the door.
  8. We parted ways and I headed my potions class while she went to astronomy. As I was approaching the stairs, I passed a group of second years, and one of them had her foot sticking out a little ways into the hall, stance casual. I tripped on her foot and I was sent sprawling, my books spread across the floor. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed turning to me. She glanced at my house symbol on my robes, and her face blanched. I was already picking my books up, grinning slightly at how clumsy I was. The hall fell silent, everyone watching my reaction. “I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean it! It was just an accident!” she hurried on, shrinking back away from me. I just laughed and replied, “Its fine that was my fault-for being a klutz and not watching where I was going.” I smiled at her and started down the stairs, feeling eyes on my back the whole way. Once they thought I was out of earshot, whispers burst out throughout the hall, and I was filled with confusion, why were they so surprised?
  9. I set my books down on an empty table in the back, when Ron and Harry approached me. “Hey ______,” Harry said, a little sheepish. He nudged Ron’s shoulder, who was looking down in embarrassment. “Um, hey…” he mumbled. “I’m really sorry about offending you,” he continued in a low voiced. I just shrugged and said, “Its fine.” He looked up, delighted. “Really?” “Yeah.” Thanks so much!” “Um, you’re welcome…” I replied awkwardly. They went back to their seats, but kept glancing back at me. I took out a book and began to read, I was really bored and it was taking forever to the bell to ring signaling the start of class. Just before it was time for class to start, Draco sauntered into the room, scanning for a place to sit. Pansy-to my great disdain- was sitting in front of me and waved to him. “Hello Draco!” she called out in an overly cheerful voice. I glanced up from my book when she said this, and went back to reading. He glanced at her and nodded, and then his eyes traveled past her to me and the empty seat beside me. He strutted over to me and set down his books and asked, “Is this seat taken?” Without looking up from my book I shook my head. I heard the chair next to me squeak as it was pulled out. “What are you reading?” Once again without looking up, I replied “De Morbo.” “What?” I finally looked up at him, who had a confused look on his face. “De Morbo, or in English The Great Disease,” I explained. “That sounds…depressing,” he said, surprise coloring his voice. “It’s about the blood plague that swept through England centuries ago,” I told him. “It’s actually really interesting.” Before he could reply, Professor Snape swept into the classroom and I turned my attention to the front.
  10. Professor Snape asks us to prepare a confusion concoction, and I open my textbook before getting up to get my supplies. Draco was already back from the cupboard with twice the amount of ingredients than needed, and he dumps half of it in front of me. I glance at him in surprise and say, “Thanks!” He just shrugged and turned to his book. After we finished making them, Professor Snape came by to grade us. He looked into people cauldrons, and had different reactions. He got to Harry’s and frowned, then wrote something down that looked like a zero. He turned to Pansy’s and frowned slightly, then wrote down what looked like a four. He got to mine and his eyebrows moved up a millimeter, and wrote down what looked like a ten. I smiled to myself as Pansy glared at me. Professor Snape left the classroom with the instructions of to leave when the bell rang. Draco turned to me, speaking for the first time since class started. “So your friend isn’t in this class? I’ve never seen you two apart, you’re like twins,” he noted. I shrugged and said, “She had astronomy this hour.” “Well that’s too bad, now it’s just you and me here,” he said leaning closer to me. I laughed and lightly shoved his shoulder. “You wish,” I teased, getting up and leaving as the bell rang. I thought I heard behind me, “I do,” but I decided I was just imagining things.
  11. I headed to my common room where I agreed to meet with Zan. I exchanged this morning’s books for my next classes and sat on the couch, watching the group of people that surrounded the bulletin board. “Are you going to try out this year?” one boy asked another. They looked like they were in their fourth year. “Yeah, what about you?” “Nah, you know I don’t have very good hand-eye coordination.” “I supposed you’re right,” the second boy replied, as they walked away from the board. The crowd cleared and I saw there was a sign-up sheet for quidditch tryouts. I heard someone speak from behind me. “Are you going to try out, miss youngest captain of a quidditch team at Cresco?” Zan teased, drawing even with me. “Yeah, I suppose so,” I say, taking the quill hanging there and dipping it in the ink to sign my name. “I wish I wasn’t scared of heights, or balls flying at me. Then I could play with you,” Zan said longingly. I laughed and turned away from her. “Come on, break’s almost over. We have to get to class.”

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