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hi are you a noob at thing or history so this quiz will help you remember the history of this world and will help uYou on a school test! Plz take this test.

This test is made to teach you bout history so plz sit back relax enjoy and learn bout history!!!!!!!! Because history is fun! If you disagree then I will make you read this yourself.

Created by: Quiz_master_06

  1. when did the Spain find the Philippines
  2. when did Marcos lose power
  3. when did world war 2 Start
  4. when was the NBA [basketball] created
  5. when was RBG [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] born
  6. When did USA Become independent?
  7. were was Covid-19 found at
  8. how old is Pokemon
  9. how old is bill gates
  10. what is a lion

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