Hinatuan River (read if you're really bored)

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Ok so this is a random boring quiz. Ignore if you do not wish to bore yourself further. Don't argue over the copyright of the material, I have taken it from some site which i do not remember.

But i have made a few changes to the material, so don't argue. This is for my speaking skills test. I'm gonna speak this. It's about a river in phillipines, and you can know more stuff about it in the forthcoming, um.. paras?

Created by: aadee

  1. Ok yeah read the above paragraphs.
  2. Tucked deep within the canopies of the Phillipine jungle, lies the Hinatuan River, a small strech of crystal clear water that flows through the island of Mindanoa and out to the sea.
  3. Taken alone, a river weaving through a jungle might not seem bucket-list worthy, but Hinatuan is no ordinary river.
  4. For years locals and tourists alike have dubbed the spot the 'enchanted' river for its rather mysterious origins.
  5. The saltwater flow rather seemingly sprouts up out of nowhere, with no tributaries flowing into its waters.
  6. The prevailing theory about the Hinatuan's source holds that a network of underground caves and tunnels emerge to form the river.
  7. During high tide, saltwater from the adjacent bay flows back into the river, making the water brackish.
  8. At the head of the river is a fifty foot deep spring, a popular swimming hole teeming with fish, flora and fauna that features brilliant blue water with near-bottom visibility.
  9. For years the river's existence remained a local secret.
  10. Those lucky enough to bathe in its water spoke of the mystical creatures lurking deep beneath the surface of water of an endless depth, and of the river's mysterious origins - the legend of the enchanted river was born.

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