High school love story part6

No re cap sorry this is number6 or this series unbelievable. Crazy stuff I haven't been able to update for like two years $jk) school and yea egrything I hope u like it

This one will be all about u and jimmys date u guess might not speak or have a very good make out Denver who knows ( well I do) the faster u get to the quiz the faster u find out now pls rate and comment

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. Ready to go on a date with.Jimmy yes u r
  2. When u woke up from the Sharp pain in it neck u see that u r laying in Tylers lap u look up and smile. He moves quickly like something bad happened. "U ok"he asks with a worried look on bus face "yea" u and him hop out of the car and grab if stuff and run inside good to be home. U climb if stairs and run to ur.and see that its had not been touch Good u thought u unpacked and showered and put on I t-shirt that said Sexy and I know it and bootie sweat shorts and brush ur hair and hurry down the stairs and see Jake airing on the couch watching re-find of Sponge Bob u plopped right next to him it was quite for a very long time when Jake broke it " You should be geting ready for your date with jimmy" He said it with a straight face not taking his eyes off the Tv " Jake what's wrong I know u , this is not the hot rebel I love " u say as u punch him in the arm
  3. "It's just all to hard to explain..... U allways have jimmy or Tyler sometimes even Adam wining your heart and I just keep on trying but I fail I feel like an epic fail u just.wount notice me.... I think its just I'm used to geting what I.want..I would always cheat on girls break up with them like it was nonthing but with u I would never.do.that." when he finshed he would as if just lost 78 pounds. All u could do is throw your send around him and feel bad for him he really did like u. When u broke the hug to look at the time.and see its 12:00am u go head up to bed with a lot on ur mind but which guy
  4. U go to ur bed and u go into a deep.sleep when u wake up.and turn the light on and see it only 4 in the moring when u hear a tv across the hall u go into Adams room u look at him waching mtv at a time like this. "Hey Amy why u hear" you just.smile and jump into him bed and say "When u can't sleep walk around" u and Adam watch tv quitly when 4 other doors open u get up and see that everyone is up "I guess no one skewed could sleep ethier " sack.says uook at the clock 6 in the moring an ok time " ill go and cook up some Bacon and eggs u guys wash up" they all just nod and they all head to the bathroom bickering on who gets to shower.first I could.stop that fight. Right when u were making plates and outing them on the talbe the all rushed in they all looked good. Tyler had a blue t-shirt with placid jeans and all black high tops , Zack had on a Lime green shirt with light brown kakies and flip flops, Jake had on a black t-shirt and black jeans with black jordans, Adam had on A Shirt that said Party Rock with diem jeans.with black and white shoes , And jimmy has on A plan white t-shirt with colorful.swing truncks.
  5. They all.sit down and dig in the hen they look like anmails u just stand there.in shock. When they all.come to life again and see u standing there u just laugh and they join in when jimmy gets up and puts his plate in the sink and grabs type hand and leads u outside. "Hey I just took u out here cause I wanted u away from the guys" " They date is going to invole a lot of water so bring a bathing suit" " Got it let me shower and everything be time then I should be ready for the date u just then run up the stairs and then into the hot cool warm shower when u get out u put on a sparkles purple binki with a short short purple crop top with bootie shorts and a purple and white heart belt and put on some nice wedges and put her up into a nice clip grabed phone and hoped into the car
  6. When he pulled up and parked u hoped out of the car and went to the truck and pulled out everything that was needed .after they set up they rested. " what made u take me here" " I really don't know when we were on that beach I felt love for u and I wanted to rrmake that " he looks right into ur eyes " I feel it I always wanted a hot guy to take me to the beach and not always the movies" it.goes quite for a while then jimmy laughs " what" " u called me hot....... Race u to the water u take your shoes,shirt and shorts off and run for the water even though he is already there be time u get there its allright he starts a water fight with u and it is so much fun
  7. He takes u under water and u get back up out of breath " what the hell was that" u ask laying in the sand. " its called taking u under water" he gets out of the water to and u can't help but just laugh because of how funny it is. " lunch I'm hungrey" he says " what's on the menu" u ask looking into the pinic basket " mmm strawberries,cherries,peaches,bagels,sandwiches,grapes,and two small bottles Pepsi" u saw as u take everything out " sorry if its a lazy lunch" he says looking away " nope great" " How.about I feed u fruit " " and u have to see what it tatse like , and u will have to wear a blind fold" " awwww" " trust me it be fun now hold still "
  8. Jimmy puts it around u and u just can't wait to feel some juicy fuirt in your monuth " open up.... Now try to guess" " taste like an cherry but not quite and it also has strawberry flavor in the to ..... Let me guess its both" " wow u really know ur fruits" " next one open try to guess this one " " peaches trust right away" " I gave u an easy one" " yeah sure u did " " the next one might not be as easy" it was a while I heared things being put away then jimmy was like " ready to taste" " yea" I got pulled by jimmy and kissed on theips I could tell he poped a grape in his Mounth he yanked the blind fold off my eyes our lips were still lipedand locked. I broke it so I could breathe" only jimmy could trick me like that" we both stares laughing I lips met each again and this time tounge he went deeper and deeper when we heard someone calling our names " Amy , jimmy what's up" me and jimmy were still really close together .
  9. He looked like I seen him some were maybe at the party who knows but how did he know my name creepy. " any meet my older bro James's" " hi" " so whatxha want me and her were kind of busy@ " nonthing just say u and wanted to say what's up .... She is mad hawt u r so luck" jimmy looks like he wants to punch him when I have him look my way and start kissing him again. Some how jimmy ended up on top of u kissing your lips boobies. And everything when u stoped him so he could look up and see James's still here " would u mind" jimmy said adgervated " oh srry just wanted to see what was young to happen" " get the duck out of here u prev.". He goes away and jimmy clams down " we should get going its going to get dark soon
  10. " ok let me get my shorts and my belt on" " ill be outing things back in the car if u need me" be time u got ur shorts and belt on jimmy was ready u grabed everything u took with u and ram to the car " I had so much fun today" " me to .. not to be mean but your bro is creepy he was watching us as we were making out" u said as u got into the car " try living with that everyday !" " I couldnt" u guys laughed at random things on your way home
  11. U walk into the house everybody is in the living room when u to walk in holding hands. " yaya Amy is home after 9 hours of being away from u " Tyler was about to pass out " yeah no more dates for u ms.Amy u get back to late" Zack said " thanks ddad I will come back on time" the all busted out laughing u ran to your room showered and put on q blue mini skirt with a black tank top and put ur hair in q neat poinytail when jimmy walks in " why u working so hard on ur hair its sexy as it is." U just laugh
  12. He picks u up and throws u on the besld with him on top of u . " let's finsh were we left off" u grabed him and kissed him eaergly. He went deeper like he did espied a slight mouan came out of his Mounth. And he bit my lip and kissed u hard he tongage was everywere in here Mounth. When the door opened " You had all day with her and I just can't get a chance to chat with her" we kept on kissing
  13. " stop it ,now I'm geting mad," Tyler yanked us off each other " what do u want Tyler" " Amy" " Maybe tomorrow me and Amy are sleepy so night Tyler" after Tyler left we kissed some more and he took off his shirt and pants and left only his boxers on. And I cuddle up with him under the covers." Luv u Amy

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