Here for the TwiLolz

this is da best quiz eva!!1 And remember, treat your mother right. Or else you gonna be in trouble. Emporer Joeseph reporting for duty. Where have you put the goat's blood? It is eaten with the eggs.

Dis summary sucks but da quiz is awesome. Lolz dudes, just be man, and do the quiz. Cause I'm one of you One of you Same crew Nothing I can do I can see I'm one of you One of you One of you the same crew I'm really one of you

Created by: Audrey Stryde

  1. Why is the Blue Lady so fat?
  2. Who wrote Western Rambo?
  3. What was Lupin doing on a broomstick?
  4. Where did the stairs lead?
  5. What can you not piss on?
  6. What is the best costume evah?
  7. Who made God hate religion?
  8. What is the main character of Kingdom Hearts' name?
  9. Where was High School Musical 2 set?
  10. What is Elena's favourite sea creature?

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