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Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Me/Blaze: Hello, I am Blaze the Cat. I have invited some friends here for this quiz. Except Rouge doesn't count. | Rouge: HEY!!! | Me: You're only here because Vanellope dared me to bring you! Anyway, (Y/N), let's get on with the quiz.
  2. Me/Blaze: I've invited Amy, Rouge, Ozy, Millie, Marigold, Phoebe, Max, and Vanellope (who wants to do the whole quiz, by the way.)
  3. Vanellope: Hi, (Y/N). *singing* IN THIS PLACE CALLED SLAUGHTER RACE!!!!!!!! | Me: ugh.
  4. Me/Blaze: So anyway, what's your favorite color? *gets prepared to use pyrokinesis if you attack me*
  5. Vanellope: LOOVOOL OOP QUOOZ!!!!
  6. Me/Blaze: ugh. Anyway, this whole quiz is no effect.
  7. Millie: (Y/N), you look stressed.
  8. Millie: I know what'll calm you down! *holds up box of thumbtacks* ACUPUNCTURE!!! | Ozy: She's done this before.
  9. Me/Blaze: MILLIE QUIT THAT!!!! Anyway, I'm almost at ten questions! AAAAAAUUGH!!
  10. Me: YES!!!! I HAVE GOTTEN TO TEN QUESTIONS!!!!! Did you like the quiz?

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