Are You Stressed?

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likeeeeeeee im often stressed cuz life rlly sucks lol are you stressed like me?? hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahahhaahhaahhahahaha lol lets see

by the way the first anwsers on the questions is what i say lol (ignore this its just that i have to fill this whit a least 150 letters loooooooooool)oh and im MagicalAlien but i changed my name cuz i didnt remind my passwords to comment on quizs lol

Created by: TheAlien

  1. someone that stresses you asks you for help whit homework, what do u say?
  2. how often do you cuss? (lol just gives 1 point)
  3. you have a meeting whit ur friend and your hair is messy, what do you say?
  4. Do you have sleep problems? (insomnia)
  5. You have many homework to do but your friends says that you should have a break
  6. Are you often irritated?
  7. Are you often upset?
  8. do you have anxiety?
  9. School
  10. Do you have headaches?
  11. Are you stressed about ur future?
  12. Are you gonna comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I Stressed?