Heaven or Hell for You 2

This is a simple but challenging quiz that takes You through Ten Commandments (Gods moral law). If you pass (and are truthful) then your answer will be heaven.

But if you flunk it your answer will be hell and in that case I will advise you to go to needgod.com for the way to get to heaven! So what will it be HEAVEN or HELL!

Created by: Jay
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  1. Commandment one says: do not put anything before God. Have You ever?
  2. Commandment two says: not to make an idol or picture God in Your head differently than what He really is. Have You ever?
  3. Commandment three says: we are not to take God or Jesus's name in vain. Have You ever?
  4. Commandment four says: give God a day of every week. Have You always?
  5. Commandment five says: to always give honour and respect to your parents. Have You always?
  6. Commandment six says: we are not kill or to hate another person. Have You ever?
  7. Commandment seven says: we are not commit adultery or lust after another person(Think improper thoughts). Have You ever?
  8. Commandment eight says: not to steal anything(Even if it is small). Have You ever?
  9. Commandment nine says: we are never to lie or bear false witness. Have You ever?
  10. Commandment ten says: we are not to covet or want anything others have. Have You ever?
  11. This is not a commandment but a question from me! Have you been honest and told the truth on every question?
  12. This stuff is really important, your results will soon come in. If the answer is Heaven congratulations. But if it is Hell, well only God can save you, but only by your accepting his free gift of salvation, please do it, it is very important. I now have your results. Are you ready?

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