have a hard time getting shots this will help you.

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hi my name is Hannah shots have always been a problem for me and i find some of these very helpful take this quiz to see how to make the doctors visit better

this quiz was made to help people that are like me I have a very big fear of shots and most people do to you who dont your lucky but this is to stop the fear from growing to big I hope this helps you.

Created by: hannahquizzes

  1. how do you feel about shots
  2. is the doctors office small to you when you see the needle
  3. do they hurt
  4. how old are you
  5. how often do you get them
  6. this sounds weird but this helps me know how you feel about these things. how do you feel about green
  7. have you ever had a shot
  8. needles
  9. doctors
  10. are you calm
  11. do you first take medicine

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