Harry potter- which character are you?

Wlcome to my test to see if you are Harry Ron or hermoine. I took their personalities from the book changed them into q&a's to see who YOU are most like!

Who are YOU most like? Find out right now by stop reading this and take my quiz! No, seriously YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME! Now go take my quiz! You know, if your still reading this you clearly don't want to find out your character.

Created by: Hiya

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  1. Are you brave?
  2. Do you study and/or pay attention in class?
  3. Do you get past trouble by(as professor mcgonagall would say) "sheer dumb luck!"?
  4. How would you do on o.w.ls?
  5. Do you have parents?
  6. Who would you date if you had the chance?
  7. What would you name your kids?
  8. Are you very smart?
  9. Do you fare for your friends?
  10. Would you be muggle-born?
  11. Quick pick one!

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Quiz topic: Harry potter- which character am I?