Harry Potter Trivia

Did you ever wanted to go to Hogwarts and get the OWL-s? Well now you can with this test moduled as a Harry Potter Trivia! Are you a briliant student like Hermione? Or an almost-Non like Nevile?

Take this test to see if you'r a mugle or a normal student. The test contains questions from the BOOKS only ant not the movies. Please prepare your paper. The test begins now.

Created by: Andrei Voinea
  1. Rita Skeeter is an Animagus. She can transform into a ___ .
  2. The name of Hagrid's mother is
  3. The Maraunders were:
  4. The only thing that can kill a basilisk is:
  5. What was Dean's Bong?
  6. What is Snape's Patronus?
  7. What is Harry's less favorite professor?
  8. Ludo Bagman was a:
  9. Lokhart is expert in:
  10. Draco's nicknames Hermione:

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