Harry Potter Random Trivia

This quiz is about testing your Harry Potter knowledge, from both books and movies, and discovering if you remember/recall random facts and parts from them! Good luck...:)

Are you witch or wizard material? Discover what you remember from the books and movies and test your inner magician. Tell your friends and leave me some comments! (;

Created by: CL

  1. What is Seamus Finnigan's Patronus?
  2. What is Ginny's full name?
  3. Which character did both Harry and Ron never date/like?
  4. What house was Rubeus Hagrid in when he attended Hogwarts?
  5. What did Albus Dumbledore teach before becoming headmaster at Hogwarts?
  6. What kind of family did James Potter come from?
  7. Which are Neville Longbottom's parents?
  8. How many books are in the series, not including the Cursed Child?
  9. What actor plays Lee Jordan in the movies?
  10. What Weasley brother is absent in the movies?

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