Harry Potter Jeopardy

There are millions of Harry Potter fans across the world. But there is your true Harry Potter fans. Are you one? Find out when you take this quiz hahahaha

Are you a true Harry Potter fans? Find out when you take this quiz and assets or smash it! It makes me keep going so I'm just going to say random words to it lets me use it will be Wednesday? I'm bored. Yeah this is really creepy.

Created by: Veronica

  1. Who did Fleur Delacour take to the Yule ball?
  2. What is Remus Lupin's nickname?
  3. What are Hermione Granger's parents profession?
  4. What shape is the Slytherin's locket?
  5. Whose wine is made out of Holly and dragon heartstrings?
  6. This question is going to be insanely hard. What year is it in the last chapter of the last book?
  7. Who got the who got the plans for Harry Potter so he could breathe under water for the Second Challenge in the tournament in the fourth book and what plant was it?
  8. Which line is a fans favourite from the Harry Potter books? (Dose affect your score)
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Which name is Harry Potter's daughter's name?

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