Harry Potter good or evil

Maybe some good people there may be some bad people but this is a quiz that will tell you the truth no matter what you do if you are evil don't feel bad if you are good excel with everything you do.

You evil rotten to the core rushing to Voldemort's side no matter what. Or are you good to Harry's side no matter what you do you would never become a spy.

Created by: Emoji lover

  1. Which is your favorite Harry Potter character
  2. what is your favorite Voldemort follower?
  3. What are your favorite house colors?
  4. What item would you rather have
  5. Wich Harry Potter character?
  6. What is your favorite Emoji
  7. What is your favorite color
  8. What is your favorite animal
  9. Do you like Hogwarts
  10. Did you like this quiz

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