Harry Potter easiest test

This is the easiest HP quiz out there. One for each of the seven books, and 1 for the Cursed Child, and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Plz share this quiz with HP Youtubers

If you are a Youtuber plz make a video of you doing this quiz. If you have played an easier HP quiz please let me know some how, Thank you. Now sit back and try this quiz WITH OUT CHEATING

Created by: Harry Potter fan
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  1. Who says your a wizard Harry?
  2. What dose Harry Potter use to slain the basilisk?
  3. How long did Sirus black spend in azkaban?
  4. What was the first task in the triwizard tournament
  5. In the book who suggested the name for Dumbledore's Army
  6. Who kills Dumbledore
  7. Who kills Nagini
  8. Who destroys the locket
  9. What house is Albus Potter in
  10. What house is Newt newt Scamander

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