Harry Potter Book One: How Much Do You Remember?

Harry Potter quizzes can give stuff away to what happens in the books, so if you haven't read the books and you want to, you may want to step away. Nothing major is revealed though.

I know that you will do good on this quiz if you are a true PotterHead like me. And hey, if you ace it, why not comment about it? Harry Potter is awesome.

Created by: Person

  1. What is the first book called?
  2. That was easy. Here's the next: What is the three headed dog called?
  3. Ok. What is the "giant"s name that comes to get Harry?
  4. What is the forest by the school called?
  5. What is the school called?
  6. What are the four houses?
  7. What is Quidditch?
  8. Where does Hagrid take Harry?
  9. What is Harry's owl's name?
  10. Who are Harry's best friends?

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Quiz topic: Harry Potter Book One: How Much do I Remember?