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  • This was a really cool story. I'm a crazy insane Harry Potter fangirl, and I take like every Harry Potter love story I can find! I even made my own! I really liked the story line! It kinda freaked me out when it said I was 100% Cedric, but I freaking love him!! I can't wait for the rest of the story and you are amazing!!

  • meh. i like ur first two quizzes better. dis one wuz kind of confusing... one minute ur with cedric,the next with draco, then harry and before you know it, ur talking 'bout ol'man snapey.

    ur writing skillz are AH-MAZE though

  • Oh wow! must have spent a long time on this one! i got cedric...no surprise there i totally love that guy... not so much in the movie but your quiz made him special ;)

  • Hey sorry I'm new and I love ur stories pls pl pls give us Part 4 keep on writing I love ur work and I got Harry Potter

    Eeeeeeeeepppppppp p!!!!!!!

    HP Fangirls rule
  • Amazing! I can't wait for part 4!!! :-)

  • srry...my part 2 comment was kinda late....great quiz...WHERES PART 4 ???!!

    Freak_me_out 0_0
  • i got 100% draco lol

    Slytherin Wolfie

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