harry or draco?pt.12



Created by: dragon

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  1. you wake up.you see girls are talking about what dress they will wear in the ball.
  2. "who are you going with [your name]."one of the girls said."MMmm..
  3. you get out from the commenroom.in the great hall,everyone are acting wired.boys are sitting in the left side of the hall and the girls are in the right side of the hall.you can't sit betwin boys so you go and you sit betwin a bilion of girls.they are talking aboutthe boys they'll go to the ball with.
  4. "hahaha!i gonna go with draco."someone said.you turn your head to her ad it's PANSY!
  5. "who wants to go with malfoy?"ginny weasly says."..
  6. "so,anyone is going with cedrick?"you say.after a minute cho said:"i gonna go with him..:X"
  7. you leave the great hall!you heard what you wanted to hear!you're so angry!suddenly a voice comes from your back:"hey [your name]."you turn around and you see oliver."..
  8. "hi..i just wanted to tell you.."
  9. -to come to the ball with me!!"he says."...
  10. i gtg!bye!!!

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