Harry Merry Chirtmas(6 months early)

I worked very hard on this one because I don't usually have happy endings on my Christmas. i have fun times on Christmas but one thing always goes bad.

I made this beacause I really like Harry Potter. Also I was inspired by natuhleegayle. I read her series in about 3 days or less. I read it at night until 1 am. I read it while eating. I read it while I waited for the ball to ring at school. I read it in the quad at lunch and also read it after I was done with home work. I got so addicted that I made my own as you can see. Girls Only!

Created by: sam singer17

  1. You were sitting in the Gryffindor room; sitting on the couch in between Fred and George. You were bored out of your wits until you heard a familiar Scottish accent,"_______, Fred, George! You ready?" You turned around and saw Oliver standing with Harry, Ron and Neville. You smiled and said,"Not quite yet, I need to go get some one that might have fun with us, whether he likes it or not." Everyone had a confused ace on and you laughed your arse off and walked to the Slytherin house. You opened the portrait hole quickly and ran to Draco's dorm.(Draco gave you the password, let's just say it was, Dark Lord.) He was asleep on the bed. You frowned then an evil idea popped into your head. You went up to Draco and screamed,"Draco, help! Voldemort is here and he's trying to kill me!" Draco's eyes shot open, he quickly put on his shirt and pants. He grabbed his wand and watched you laughing your arse off."Draco Malfoy, I can't believe you fell for that!" you said when you calmed down."Well sorry for trying to save the girl I l-loath but at the same time like." he said in an angry tone."Want to hang out today since it's Christmas?!" you yelled angrily. Draco smirked and said,"I would love that! By the way good thinking on the Dark lord thing!" he said sounding angrier. You both broke into a fit of laughter. You looked deep into his silvery eyes and smiled. He smiled back and you wrapped your arm around his. You both walked to the very well decorated great hall where everybody had been waiting."______, you did wonderful on the decorations." Ron said as he looked around. The other boys nodded their heads in agreement. But when their eyes landed on Draco their joyful smiles faded. You rolled your eyes at the boys and disconnected your arm from Draco's." Can't you all just put aside your hatred for each other for me?" you asked Harry with puppy dog eyes. Harry blushed and said,"I-it's fine with me." you smiled and gave him a quick hug. Ron went up to Ron sat, on his lap, put your arms around his neck and looked at him with loving eyes."How about you Ronnie?" you asked while pouting. He turned a light shade of pink and said,"If you're fine with it I'm fine with it _______." you smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek. You went up to Fred and George and sat between them." How about my two adorable, loving,caring,dashing,handsome, cute,hot,foxy,elegant,admirable, smart,intriguing,attractive, stylish,appealing,alluring, captivating,and dazzling twins?" you said while pulling them closer to you. They looked at each other and said, "We're fine with it," in a unison. You hugged them and moved on to Oliver."What-" then Oliver interrupted by saying,"I'm already in if you're okay." You kissed him on the neck and moved on to the last victim, Neville. "How about my very best friend that I can't live without? Please say yes Neville." you said while playing with his hair."He blushed and nodded his head. You rushed back to Draco's side and said," You're fine with it, aren't you Draco?" You twirled your finger in his short blonde hair and looked into his eyes. You kissed both of his cheeks."O-oh, of course I'm fine with I'm fine." You Spun around and looked at every boy in that room. They were now a very hot shade of pink." Be careful boys, when I want something I usually get it. The hard way." you said while making your way to the very end of the table.
  2. The boys came over to your table and asked," So, _______ what's on the agenda today?" A smile hit your face and a light bulb turned on. "Let's play secret Santa!" you screamed. Your voice echoed through the empty great hall. The boys looked at you quizzically. Ron, who looked the most confused said,"________ not to be rude, but what is secret Santa?" You rolled your eyes. " Well, since none of you know, you write down everyone's names of separate papers then you put them in a basket. You shake it up and choose a name without looking. You don't tell them you're their Santa though, it's supposed to be a secret. Then you get them or make them a present they 'will' like." you said while putting emphases on will. You wrote down all 6 of the boy's names and put them in your beanie. You kept yours are Draco's because you knew no one would get him a nice gift. One by one all the boys picked a name. When Draco's turn came, when no one was looking, you gave Draco your name. He looked at it then smiled. When it was your turn you put Draco's name in and picked you out. You looked at the boy's facial expressions, all but Draco, were bummed that they didn't get you. "Alright now, go get your person a gift!" you screamed. As soon as you yelled that out you ran to your room. "Lets see what colors of yarn I have. Hmmm. Oh I know black, white and green for the Slytherin." you said to your self. Luckily all the girls in the Hufflepuff house went home for the holidays. You ran down the stairs and you bung into someone. You landed straight on your butt. "I'm so sorry, _____." said a boy. AS he helped you up you said, "I'm fine and how did you know my name?" He smiled and said, "Well you're kind of popular with the guys around here. I'm Cedric, Cedric Diggroy." (Forgot to add him as a result! Ugh stupid results before quiz!)You smiled and said, "Nice to meet you Cedric. Want to hang out?" He nodded and you took his arm and dragged him to the Gryffindor house and whispered, "Mimbulus Mimbletonia." the portrait hole opened and you ran into the boy's dorm screaming, "Harry! Ron! Neville! Oliver! Freddie! George!" you bung on the doors, hoping the would come out. When they did you pushed them down the stairs quickly, along with Cedric, and pushed them to sit on the chairs. Excitedly you said, "Cedric this is Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Neville, and Oliver." You paused to take a breath and continued, "Fred, George, Harry, Neville, Ron,and Oliver, this is Cedric." You took a few moments to breath took hold of Cedric's sleeve once again and ran to the Slytherin dungeons. Once you got to the portrait hole you whispered, "Pure blood." and the door opened. You ran to Draco who was sitting on the couch and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Draco, Cedric. Cedric, Draco." Before you left you gave Draco one last kiss on the cheek. You pulled on Cedric's sleeve and ran to the astronomy tower. "If you ever need me, I'm usually here." you said walking to the balcony. You sniffed the cold winter air and looked at the full moon not realizing Cedric was right next to you. "Beautiful full moon tonight isn't it?" he said looking at you. You smiled and nodded. Then you noticed that he said full moon. "Full moon!" you screamed. Suddenly your eyes began to glow a shade of grey. Seconds later you realized that you transformed. You whimpered and ran inside to a corner. Cedric came up to you, patted your head and said, "It's okay _____. It's okay." just then Draco came in yelling, "_____! Full mo- oh. I'm too late." you went up to Draco in the shade and transformed back. "Draco, Cedric. You two are the only two that know my secret now. Draco knew already. Cedric I just met you moments ago and you saw me. Now that you know. You must promise not to tell anyone Cedric." you said in a calm and serene tone. Cedric nodded his head and smiled. You smiled and said, "You two go back to your common rooms and I shall see you in a bit Cedric. I must go meet someone. You stepped onto the balcony and jumped off landing perfectly on the ground way below. You resisted the temptation to transform. You went to the black lake and met with Sirius. "Hi. Everything is fine so far. Remus is fine also. We're playing Secret Santa. I got Draco Malfoy." you said. He nodded and said, "That seems fine _____." You smiled and ran back to your common room and started on Draco's present. For you wanted to make him a new scarf. But you ran out of white so you used only used black and green. Along the the sides you made the words "Slytherin Prince". You remembered how much you wanted to be a Slytherin during first year and stitched in the Slytherin crest. When you were done it was 3 in the morning. You sighed and went down to the common room and saw Jimmy. You carefully made your way to Cedric's room and shook him 'til he woke up while whisper/screamed, "CEDRIC WAKE UP! CEDRIC!" you decided to do what you do with Draco. You cleared your throat and said, "Cedric help! Voldemort is here and he's trying to kill me!" Cedric shot right up. You giggled and said, "That always works. Also, Voledy not here. Lastly I need you to come with me really quick." He rolled his eyes, smiled and nodded. You pulled him out of bed and quietly hid behind the stairs to show him Jimmy. "Okay so you see that dude?" he nodded and you continued, "Well this happened about a month ago when I had the quidditch accident and was knocked out for a week, the night I was better I was looking for my friend Jimmy and Ms. Pomfrey said he disappeared but that guy right there is Jimmy." He looked at you strangely. "Oh yeah one more thing, Draco asked Snape if there was a Jimmy McGowan. Well, he said there was none in the records." you said while making sure Jimmy didn't see you. Just then Jimmy started walking towards your dorm. You pulled on Cedric's shoulder and pulled him all the way to the Gryffindor common room. When you got there you whispered the password. "You made your way to Hermione's dorm. Luckily everybody had gone home for the holidays. "Cedric we might have to sleep here just tonight. I believe Jimmy either wants to kill me or something." you took a quick pause, "I know we just met and everything but you just have to do this. Please, it's for your own safety." He nodded his head. You smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "See you in the morning Cedric." you said as you walked to a bed farthest from the window.
  3. The next morning you woke up on the ground next to Cedric's bed. You got up and shook Cedric. "Cedric we better get to our common room before the boys wake up." you said calmly. You rubbed the top of your hand to the bottom of your elbow for it had a scar shaped like a skull with a snake coming out of it. When Cedric got up you hid the scar with your sleeve and pulled him to the Gryffindor common room downstairs. When you got there you froze and pretended to be a statue. For all the boys were staring at you in you PJ's with Cedric. Neville then said, "Hey ____, what are you doing here, in the Gryffindor room, with Cedric?" You smiled and said, "Remember my friend Jimmy that disappeared? Well last night he was in our common room but he was dressed very weirdly in black clothing. I sneaked into Cedric's room to wake him up and show him. Then Jimmy went into my room so I suspected that he was looking for me to do something and so he wouldn't find me, I dragged Cedric here then went to sleep in Hermione's room. End of conversation." You took Cedric's hand and ran to the Hufflepuff common room. When you got there you and Cedric broke down in laughter. Cedric looked at you with his brown eyes smiling with his perfect white teeth and said, "That was hilarious. You have all of those guys in the palm of your hand!" You blushed, flipped your hair and said, "It's a natural gift to be beautiful." He grinned and looked into your grey eyes. You fell silent and both started leaning in. When your lips met you closed your eyes and put your arms around the back of his neck. When you realized what you were doing, you pulled back and said, "Cedric what are we doing? We only met yesterday and your two years older than me. We can't do this." He nodded his head and you shook hands. Both of you, blushing like crazy, went running to your rooms. When you were there you shut the door, fell to the floor and sighed (a girly weird sigh). "Having fun are we _____?" you heard someone say. You quickly grabbed your wand and shot up. When you opened your eyes you were standing there in shock. "Did you miss me? I surely missed you. Too bad these might be one of the last few moments with you." he said. Your eyes widened and you lied by saying, "J-Jimmy, what are you doing here? Last time I saw you well I can't remember, you disappeared. I'm glad your okay! I was pretty sure you were dead! I''m so happy." Just then Cedric knocked on the door and said, "_____, all the guys are here to see you." Jimmy grabbed you opened the door and pushed you down the stairs. Oliver got up and rushed to your side. "_____! Are you okay?" he asked worried. Jimmy then came down the stairs and said, "Nice to meet all the boys that like _____. I'm sorry that you all have to be here to experience this." You got up and grabbed your wand. Suddenly Jimmy ran towards you and kissed you. His kiss was soft and gentle, unlike what happened with the others. "Happy Christmas _____, I'll see you when you are alone." Jimmy said. Then he vanished leaving everyone frozen with shock. You blinked 2 times to make sure it was real. Stunned you said, "I- I. Um. You r-ready t-to um go to, er, Hogsmeade?" The boys nodded their heads. You smiled weakly then ran up stairs to change. You wear a black beanie with red stripes, black skinny, skinny jeans, (I mean really skinny.) a red sweater with a black mamba (Type of snake) on the front, white fuzzy boots, and a grey GAP jacket. (Don't ask, this is just what I really want to wear, but my mom won't let me buy any of these things. I only the GAP jacket. I'm a tomboy for those who don't know) When you got down the boys were fighting, you guessed they were fighting over who got to buy gifts with you. You giggled very softly so they wouldn't notice you were there. You walked over to the portrait hole and opened the door. Draco was standing waiting for you. You smiled and pulled him into the room. When the boys noticed you were actually watching then fight they stopped and straightened themselves off. You smiled and said, "The only person who wasn't fighting was Draco so I guess I'll be with him at Hogsmeade. Plus we have to go into 2 groups of 4 and 5. I'll choose. My group is Draco, Oliver,Neville, and-" You thought hard about who to choose and said, " hmm I guess I'll take, Freddie." The boys groaned while Fred smiled and walked next to you.
  4. When you got to Hogsmeade you first went to Honeydukes for Ron's present. You searched for chocolate frogs all over. You spotted the last one on a shelf in the very back, but when you reached for it you touched someone's hand. You looked to see who it was and there standing right next to you was Seamus Finnigan.(Forgot to add him too) When your eyes met you couldn't help but blush. You quickly pulled away your hand and said, "Sorry Seamus, you can have it. I'll try to find another one for Ron." He smiled and said, "Thanks, _____. I can't believe the famous _____ _____ actually knew my name." You smiled and nodded. "Who hasn't heard of Seamus Finnigan? Besides who has ever heard of _____ _____? I'm just a normal girl." you said flirtatiously. He blushed and looked away to hide it. You rolled your eyes and smiled even bigger. "Um, Seamus, would you like to hang out with me and a few friends? It's much funner if you would join us." you said. He looked around. "Besides I have had a crush on you since 1st year." you said under your breath. He looked at you in confusion and said, "What did you say; I couldn't hear you." You looked up at him and said, "What? Oh I didn't say anything, so would you like to join me and some of my friends?" He nodded his head. You smiled in excitement and said, "Thank you Seamus, I promise you will not regret this. I just need to buy a few presents then I'm going to meet them all at the Shrieking Shack in an hour, you okay with that?" He smiled and nodded his head. You kissed him on the cheek and just got Ron a bunch of licorice wands. Next you went to different stores to get Harry, Oliver, Neville, Cedric, and the twins presents. You decided to get Harry some new gloves, Oliver a picture of the two of you at the quidditch pitch, the twins something from Zonko's, and Neville some seeds. When you were done you headed to the Shrieking Shack, but no body was there. You rolled your eyes and sat down with your back against the fence. Suddenly you ear a voice say,"I see you're having fun here." You recognize the voice and say, "Draco Malfoy, you really need to stop pooping up when I'm alone and I'm sitting here because you boys can't tell when an hour is up!" He sits down next to you. "Or maybe, you weren't listening when we agreed to meet all the way over there." he said pointing at the group of boys, "We've been waiting for you for like half an hour." You blushed and said, "Oops?" He smiled and helped you up. You put your arm around his and walked to meet with the boys. As soon as you saw Seamus you broke away from Draco and ran towards him. "Seamus you actually came! I thought you wouldn't show!" you said while smiling and blushing. He smiled at you and said, "Hmm and I thought you weren't going to show up because we were waiting for half and hour." You giggled and he put his arm around you, this made you blush and all the boys were glaring at him. You walked back to the castle with Seamus.
  5. When you got there Seamus started to act strange. For example, he started to look at the girls passing by and he winked at every girl he saw. This made you a bit uncomfortable so you said, "Um Seamus, I think I should head back to my dorm and um yeah. Bye Seamus." You ran as fast as you could, not even letting Seamus say anything. As soon as you got there you went through the portrait practically whispering the password quite softly. You quickly made your way to the couch, closed your eyes and said to your self, " Note to self, Seamus may seem like a pretty hot, cute, and funny guy,but he's just like all the other weird boys." Somebody sat next to you but you didn't bother to open your eyes because you suspected it was just Cedric. You were wrong. "Why did you run away from me and you think I'm hot, cute and funny, but like all the other guys?" said Seamus. With your eyes still closed you got up and tried to make your way to your room. Instead of going halfway to the stairs you tripped and face planted on the ground. You growled and Seamus helped you up. You opened your eyes and said, "I can help myself Seamus! Just. Leave. Me. Alone." He let go of you and walked out of the room. You sighed and tears filled your eyes. You quickly wiped them away. You made way to your room and wrapped up your gifts quickly but gracefully. When you were done it was only 9:00, so you decided to take a walk to your favorite place in the whole castle, the room where nobody but you and Dumbledore knew about... The room where The Mirror of Erised was kept. You stepped inside and looked into the mirror. What you saw shocked you. In front of you you saw Draco as a Gryffindor, your parents, Voldemort dead, You in a wedding gown with Neville, Harry, Oliver, Cedric, Fred, Ron. George, Draco, and Seamus, in tuxedos. You blinked twice to make sure that's what you saw. You couldn't believe that was what your heart desired. You covered your mouth in shock and walked back to your dorm slowly and very tired because you had been in that room for 2 hours. You yawned and didn't notice you were actually at the Slytherin portait hole. Also, you were too tired notice that you had said, "Pure-blood". You walked in and made your way to Draco's room. You lied down in his bed next to him and fell asleep.
  6. The next morning you woke up with Draco facing you, still asleep, with his arm around you. You slightly blushed as you began to remember what happened. You tried to get up as carefully as you could so you wouldn't wake the slumbering Draco. As you would usually wake him up. When you moved his arm his eyes shot open. You smiled and looked into his awesomely cute grey eyes. "Morning Draco, what's up? You must be wondering why I'm here in your bed." you said cheerfully. Draco smiled and nodded his head. You blushed quite visibly and told him what had happened. He laughed and sat up. "So you are here in my bed because you were too sleepy to notice? That's just classic." he said smiling. You pouted to pretend you were hurt. Draco laughed and attacked you with a hug. You shrieked and laughed. "Draco I've never told this to anyone, not even Neville. But for some reason I really trust you. Okay, I have had the biggest crush on Seamus since first year. But, that changed last night when I realized he. Is. A. Jerk. Now leave me alone I'm sleepy." you said while pulling the sheets over your head. Just then somebody was knocking on the door.
  7. Draco POV: _____ lay there in my bed and then there was a knock on my door. I got up to see who it was and I was shocked. "Pansy what are you doing, it's like 3 in the morning." I said annoyed. Pansy looked at me with puppy eyes and said, "I heard you talking to someone and I wanted to see what was going on. Plus tomorrow is Christmas and I was wondering if you had any plans with anyone." I rolled my eyes and looked back at my bed, _____ was still hidden under the sheets. I looked back at Pansy and smirked. "I actually have things to do Pansy, I'm not a loner. Okay? Now leave me alone." With that Pansy ran down stairs and back to her dorm. I smiled upon my actions. "Wow nice way to handle Parkinson. I would have just blown up in her face." I turned my head to see _____ leaning on my shoulder. I smiled and put my arm around her. "Well she's usually trying to follow me around like a dog following it's master." She smiled and said, " Well I'm fully awake and bored, what should we do?" I looked at her and said, "Wanna sit in our tree at the black lake?" A wide grin spread across her face and she transformed into a wolf and she pulled me to the black lake very quickly.
  8. Your POV: You transformed back to human form and sat in the tree with Draco. You leaned your head on Draco's shoulder watching the early clouds pass by, saying what they looked like. You pointed to a very large one and said, That one looks like Seamus!" Draco laughed and pointed at another and said, "That one looks like you." You focused your attention on the cloud he was talking about. You saw a cloud that he probably used his wand to shape. "Oh Monsieur Malfoy, je vous remercie pour ce joli compliment. C'était le point culminant de mon matin. Translation, I thank you for this nice compliment. It was the culmination of my morning." you said in a french accent. "Draco smiled and looked up. Suddenly he pointed at a branch above us and said, "That one looks like a mistletoe." You looked at him and said, "You know what that means." He nodded his head and you both started leaning in. When your lips met they seems like they were meant to be there. Just then you heard a Scottish voice say, "Having fun here are we?" You pulled away and brought your attention to Oliver who was standing below you. You giggled and jumped down and landed in Oliver's arms. "Hey you weren't the one under the mistletoe Mr. Broad Muscles." you said, kissing his cheek right after. Draco jumped down from the tree and walked back to the castle. When you and Oliver were alone you got out of his arms and said, "Okay Monsieur Wood, now we are alone I must tell you something." you quickly took a deep breath and said really quickly, "NextYearIMightGoToBeauxbatonsInsteadOfGoinggBackHere." Oliver looked at you like you were crazy and yelled, "What?! You might go to Beauxbatons Next year instead of going back here?! That's dreadful!" You rolled your eyes and said, "Can you say that again please? I don't thing people in the States heard you." Just then everyone came running down path. You rolled your eyes and dove into the lake. You swam as far down the shore line as you could. When you got out you were freezing cold and dripping wet. You walked back to your common room to get changed. You quickly threw on a grey hoodie, black skinny jeans, Black and white sneakers and a both ways Nike beanie. (I actually have these things) You sighed and grabbed all the gifts from your closet. "I better make my way to the Gryffindor room." you said to yourself. Just then you tripped on a stair and the gifts went flying everywhere. You rolled down the stairs and face planted on the ground. You groaned as you got up. You picked up the presents and said to yourself, "Good thing none of these were glass or breakable." You made your way to the Gyffindor's common room. But when you got there you didn't have to say the password, the portrait swung open and somebody pulled you in. They grabbed your gifts and put them under the tree. Another blindfolded you and threw you to the couch. You could feel that there were people on both sides of you. "Fred, you didn't have to blindfold the girl." you heard someone say. Then Fred said, "Sorry about that force of habit." then from behind somebody took off the blindfold. You were surrounded by all of your guy friends. You shot a look at Oliver and said, "I'm serious Olly, I think China didn't hear you either." he then became very interested in his hands." This was a fun Christmas Eve so far, don't you think?" you said trying to get up. Just then the people beside you pulled you back down. You looked at both of them, Cedric and Ron were holding you back. "All of us, even Malfoy, agreed that we don't want you to, nor need you to, go to Beauxbatons." Harry said. "What can we do to show you that you must absolutely stay here? I mean seriously how, we usually don't agree on something, but this is one thing we must." Draco said leaning against the wall in a far corner. You rolled your eyes and said, "If I agree not to go, can we please get to having a fun Christmas Eve? Please?" Everyone exchanged looks then eventually nodded. You shot up and sighed. "Okay I'm going to the Astronomy tower if you need me." You stretched your arms and went to the owlrey, where you knew no one would find you. You made your way to your owl and wrote a letter to your brother at Durmstrang.
  9. You wrote: Dear Viktor, I miss you so much. Everyone here at Hogwarts is very friendly. Especially the boys. I could name a few of them. Anyways, I can't believe it's actually been 5 years since I last saw you! I might be going to Beauxbatons next year. I promised the boys I wouldn't, but I just can't stand to see them get hurt. I love and miss you so much, I hope you haven't changed much, I hope I haven't either. Your caring sister, _____ _____. (I don't care if being Viktor's sister it's a fan fic. What else would you expect? Don't answer that question)
  10. "So, you might still be going? Nice, even I was fooled for a little."you heard someone say. "Neville, you know it's not cool to spy on other people." you replied. You heard somebody coming. "I know you you. You wouldn't tell everyone where you're going."Neville said as his head appeared up the stairs. You laughed and gave the letter to your black owl, May Bird. (I have the book May Bird and it was the first thing that came to mind.) "Remember May, bring this to Vik." you said to it before it flew away on it's long journey. You turned around to face Neville and said, "Neville you and Viktor are the only ones that know I might go to Beauxbatons. You have to promise not to tell anybody." Neville thought for a second. You rolled your eyes and said, "Come on Nev, you're my best friend don't use this against me. I know you won't black mail me because you're my sweetest non betraying friend." Neville blushed and agreed. You smiled and gave him a hug."Neville Longbottom, you truly are my very best friend in the entire world." You said as you both walked to the great hall for breakfast. But you didn't at anything, you hadn't been feeling the urge to eat lately. You sat next to Cedric and smiled. "Bonjour. Qu'est-ce qui se passe ? Je n'ai pas parlé de vous pour un bon moment, c'était comme un jour ou deux. J'ai été sens pour dire bonjour, mais je me suis fait prendre dans un certain nombre de choses. Translation, Hello. What is happening? I have not talked to you for a good time, it was like a day or two. I have been meaning to say hello, but i got caught up in a number of things." you said as you pretened to eat.( As in put stuff on your plate, but not eat it. Total waste right? Well I don't eat very much and I stay up until like 1 am or later. Earliest I've slept recently was 11 pm) "Speaking French I see. Your not still going to Beauxbatons are you?" he asked. You laughed fakely and said, "Cedric, you haven't known me very long but, as you can see I never, ever lie." Cedric looked studied you and finally shoved you a little to say "Alright I believe you" in body language.
  11. You went outside to get some air. "You haven't been eating lately, _____." Neville said as he began to walk next to you. "You noticed? I thought nobody did." you replied. "I have, I can hear your thoughts remember? I even know you're still going to Beauxbatons." you heard Draco say in your mind. "Draco leave me alone for now I'm with Neville right now." you replied. "Yeah I did notice, are you well?" Neville said. You smiled a plastic smile and replied with a kiss on the cheek. "I'm fine Neville." you said. "I still remember your favorite type of flower. Even thought you told me in first year." he said. You laughed to say "Sure". (Mine is the fascinating white rose) Just then Neville turned around and grabbed a bouquet of your favorite flowers from the window sill. "See I told you." he said playfully. You smiled a genuine smile and said, "Neville you truly are my very best friend and for that you deserve a gift." You put your arms around him and gave him a kiss on the lips. You pulled away slowly. You put your arms on your hips and said, "You're welcome bud. See you later." Then your skipped back to your common room like a little school girl. "Longbottom, _____? Really? You could do way better than that. I mean you're the prettiest and most precious girl here. I mean the only smart girl here." Draco said. "He's only my best friend Draco, longer than you. I'll be taking a nap in my room if you need me." you replied. "Make sure you're in the right bed." he said jokingly. You rolled your eyes and went to sleep." {Dream Mode} You are at the scene before your parents died. Your parents were at a house you did not know of. Your father had just put you in the closet where you remained hidden. But in a crib across from you was another baby. You don't know how but he seemed familiar. Just then you could feel a piece of glass cutting your neck. Just before it nearly killed you your father had cast a protection spell on you. Then he was shot by an unknown person. Then your mother ran in with your brother and another woman, put your brother in the closet with you and shut the closet door. But you could still see through a crack. Then both your mother and the other woman were killed. You remained silent because just before your mother told you it was just a little game. Just then a bald and shiny man, with no nose came in.(Funny description of Voldemort) He then cast a spell on the baby in the crib. Then the last thing you saw was a flash of green light. {End} You woke up breathing very heavily. You put your hand on your forehead and began to cry. Just then Cedric came into the room and sat next to you. He Hugged you and rubbed your back. "It's okay _____, it was only a dream." he said soothingly. You shook your head and cried out, "No Cedric. It actually happened many years ago. It was when my parents died. It was the same night that... That Harry got his scar and how I got mine." Cedric pulled away to face you and wiped away your tears away. " _____, the past was the past. Your parents are in a better place." You looked at him with sorrowful eyes and said, "Cedric, you are the greatest guy in the world. Merry Christmas." Then you kissed him on the cheek. "I'll see you later. I might be late for the Opening of the gifts. I'm going for a walk." you said as you made your way to the washroom. You filled the tub with freezing cold water. You took off your clothes and sat in the tub. You closed your eyes and began to sing "More Than This" by One Direction. (/watch?v=WP6H0MXFKeU) After a bit you got up and dried up. You changed into your red dress with black polka dots,cute little Santa hat, tall black boots, and lip stick that matched your personality. You grabbed Draco's present and made your way to the great hall.
  12. As soon as you got there the first thing you saw was Draco firing a spell at Ron and Harry. Oliver shooting at Cedric. Seamus, Fred and George laughing there butts off. When you turned your head, Neville was right next to you. With his eyes wide open. The world began to spin. You put your hands on your head and yelled, "Stop! What! The! Heck! Happened! Here! Somebody better explain! So who?! The laughing three?! The fighting five? Or Neville, the only smart person here?! Somebody tell me right now!" The room fell silent. (Okay I know this might drive you crazy but Hermione lent you the Time Turner.) "Nobody is going to tell me, so I'll be right back." You walked out of the room and thought "2 should be about right." you took out the time turner and turned it two times. You walked back to the great hall before all the trouble started. No one was fighting, laughing or just standing around. You took a deep breath and sat down with the boys. "Hey guys ready? Secret Santa gifts first. Sorry we don't have secret Santa things for you Cedric. Oh and um you too, um what's your name again? Oh yeah Seamus." you said. Seamus scowled and Cedric smiled. You gave your gift to Draco and he gave his to you. You opened it and your eyes widened. "Dr-Draco, I'm. I'm speechless. This must have been extremely hard to get!" Inside the wrapping paper was your favorite book that had sold out months ago. You hugged him and thanked him. Later everyone opened the rest of their presents and Seamus got a present from everyone but you. He just smirked. When you had your fun one by one everyone went to bed. The last two were you and Seamus. He moved over and next to you. "What do you want um, hmm. Oh yeah! What do you want, Seamus?" you said sarcastically. He sighed and said, "Look, _____, I don't know what I did to make you hate me. Please tell me, it's killing me." You rolled your eyes and said, "As if you don't know. Let me just say, I've have a crush on you since 1st year and you blew it, smart one. J'espí¨re que vous avez une terrible sommeil cutie." (I hope you have a terrible sleep cutie.) He grabbed you and kissed you. For a second you struggled, but after a bit you just relaxed. He pulled away and looked into your eyes. You began to cry and you ran to the black lake. Suddenly an owl flew by with a letter in it's mouth. You took the letter and it flew away.
  13. It read: Dearest sister, I have missed you very much. I still feel sad that we haven't seen or written to each other in so long. Some day I will see you again, but it might be a long-awaited event. I think it is a good idea not to tell your friends so they won't get hurt. I hope you are still the same competitive, sweet, and loving girl I used to live with. Have a wonderful Christmas. Your brother, Victor Krumb.
  14. Thank you for reading this. I know it's kind of not too Christmasy but I've been working really hard on it. For the people who want to know why the five boys were fighting they were fighting about your safety and junk. Keep shining! I love One Direction! Wait that had nothing to do with this... XStayLovelyX

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