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Well, This is a pretty basic, straight-forward quiz. Not meant for the truely dumb but, not made for the relatives of Einstein. Good luck! ( This has to be 150 words long so i dont know what to say really paragraph two contains a quiz!)

I wasted all of my good ideas on paragraph one... I guess i will just give you a riddle, What is put on a table, cut, but not eaten??? Cmon now think!! The answer is - A deck of cards! you were gonna say that right? (not!)

Created by: Kyle 1st

  1. Can you finish this quiz without using Google?
  2. What is the smartest thing in the world?
  3. Why must we brush our teeth?
  4. What can talk but cannot speak?
  5. What stays dry even in the heaviest of rain?
  6. What is a dictionary good for?
  7. Are there aliens?
  8. Whats the fastest thing in the world?
  9. Whats the softest thing in the world?
  10. Was this quiz hard?

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