Hardest IQ Test: You Can't Get Above 90%

This is a boring quiz. It's super fricking hard. You can't get more than 90%. So try yourself. I bet you cant get above even 50 percent lol. So good luck.

REMINDER: Please take a pen/pencil and a paper; the six questions are ridiculously hard, you won't be able to calculate them in your mind. Questions 7, 8, 9, and 10 are basically filler. **If you want an accurate result, do NOT answer questions 7-10**

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. At a conference, 12 members shook hands with each other before & after the meeting. How many total number of hand shakes occurred?
  2. The day after the day after tomorrow is four days before Monday. What day is it today?
  3. A fisherman has 5 fishes (namely A, B, C,D, E) each having a different weight. (i) A weighs twice as much as B. (ii) B weighs four and a half times as much as C. (iii)C weighs half as much as D. (iv) D weighs half as much as E. (v) E weighs less than A but more than C. Which of the following is the lightest?
  4. In the above problem, E is lighter in weight than which of the following pairs?
  5. 6121135 is to flame as 21215120 is to?
  6. Forest is to tree, as tree is to?
  7. Well, I am running out of questions. Please hit the submit button to get the results.
  8. Dum dee dum dee dum
  9. A B C D E F G H
  10. Good bye!

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