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Hello, freaks, geeks, mutants, and psychos! It's will.i.am and Firey, b----! xD Actually, it's just Firey. :P will.i.am will not be featured in this quiz.

I am back to share my randomness, dirty jokes, and wonderful words of wisdom with you. Are you freaking ready to hang with Firey_Soul... for the 3rd time? :D

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. Hello. ^-^
  2. I feel like I haven't been on GTQ in forever. I mean, I check it daily and take a few quizzes, but I haven't made a quiz in a while. So, erm, here I am. ^-^ *waves awkwardly* I decided to make another Hang with Firey_Soul quiz. I'm not sick this time. :P I'm just bored out of my freaking mind and have no idea what to do with my life. It's sad because This is my last day of winter break. Then it's back to prison, oop, I mean... school. :P At least I get to see my hubby and kids again. I missed them!
  3. So, uhhhhh... I have a confession. Please don't judge me.
  4. Ummm... it's 2 things actually. First of all... I'm starting to like One Direction. Second of all, I kinda hinted at it before, but I ship Larry Stylinson... hard. Ok, I said it! >.> It's weird, because when I first heard of 1D I'm like "Ugh, another boy band. They'll never be half as good as Big Time Rush was." And I just decided that I didn't like them. Then I found out that the vast majority of my friends (online and offline) like them. I'm like "You guys are crazy." Their opinions never influenced me until they started to send me cute pics of them and 1D quotes that I ended up liking. So I decided that I didn't hate them, but I didn't like them either. What sent me over the edge was when one of their songs became one of my favorites. So yeah... I do like them now. :P ... I feel like I just came out of the closet or something. xD
  5. Okay, so enough about 1D. Let's talk about random crap! ... I feel weird because I'm not listening to music right now. I almost always am. Music helps drown out the voices... O.o
  6. Random fun fact of the day: Sharks have two penises. Yup, it's true! :D
  7. Hey, what's the difference between Justin Bieber and a snickers bar? ... A snickers bar has nuts!
  8. Hm... I wonder how many people are actually taking this quiz. I'm not as popular as I used to be...
  9. I have a question for you.
  10. I want to write something. I have several things in mind. What should it be? (Be sure to comment your answer, or leave other suggestions if you have any, thanks. ^-^)
  11. Well, that's all I have to say. Any other thoughts are not GTQ friendly. xD Goodbye! Nice talking to you. Or rather, you reading the crap I'm writing. xP If you want to actually talk, I'm almost always on wattpad. I don't bite... hard... unless you're into that type of thing. ;) xD Oh, relax! I'm just kidding! Studies show that if you comment, it is more likely that a leprechaun will show up to your house one day and bring you a pot of gold. (I totally did not google how to spell the word "leprechaun" >.>)

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