Halo Series Quiz

There are many Halo nerds in the world but are you one of them. Are you the Halo genius that everyone needs. Take this quiz and Halo players might respect you.

Are you an expert on Halo things. Do you have the brain power to qualify for a prestigous title like 'Elite'. Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this quiz you can now find out!

Created by: BlazingLeopard
  1. Halo Wars: Who has the title of Arbiter?
  2. HW: What is the name of the modified Phoenix class colony ship?
  3. HW: Is Sergeant John Forge John 117?
  4. Halo Reach: What is the name of the doctor.
  5. HR: Where is ONI SWORD Base?
  6. HR: How did Kat lose her left arm to get the prosthetic one?
  7. Halo Combat Evolved: Is Sergeant Johnson a main character?
  8. H:CE: What armour does John 117 wear?
  9. H:CE: To the humans the Forerunner construct is known as Halo, what is it called to the Forerunners
  10. Halo 2: This is the first Halo game to be base on Earth. What city are you in on the level Outskirts?
  11. H2: What does the covenant ship cause when it escapes from Mombasa?
  12. H2: Who is the last living Prophet at the end of Halo 2?
  13. Halo 3: ODST: Which level in Halo 2 does the scene 'Prepare to Drop' take place in?
  14. H3 ODST: Who is the leader of the team that you are in?
  15. H3 ODST: What is the correct name of the Engineers?
  16. Halo 3: Who killed Sergeant Johnson?
  17. H3: Does John 117 die?
  18. H3: Did the Arbiter Thel Vadam return to Earth?
  19. What is the name of the first Halo Spin-Off?
  20. When will/did Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary come out?
  21. What is the Halo Trillogy about?

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