Halo Reach Trivia Test

This quiz is meant to test your knowledge of Halo: Reach. It was created by HALOMAS7ER97 (my XBOX Live Gamertag). Feel free to message me on XBOX Live if you have any questions or comments, or email me at halomas7er97 @ hotmail.com.

If you're an expert at Halo, this is the place to test your knowledge on BUNGIE's newest Halo game; Halo: Reach. Sure Halo 3 was cool, but this quiz will definately test you knowledge.

Created by: Andrew

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  1. How many campaign levels are playable in Halo: Reach?
  2. What is the D77-TC?
  3. How many multiplayer maps are featured in Halo: Reach including those from the Noble Map Pack and Defiant Map Pack?
  4. Is it Possible to fly a Pelican or Phantom in Halo: Reach?
  5. What kind of SPARTAN is Noble 6?
  6. What kind of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor does Noble 6 wear?
  7. When does Halo: Reach take place?
  8. In the level "The Pillar of Autumn", how does Emile die?
  9. What Covenant species is the highest ranked enlisted below?
  10. Which of the following tactics is widely considered cheating, but is a legitimate strategy?

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