HALO knolage skills test

there are many halo fans. but few halo genusis. are you one? we shall see. you may be fit to play halo, but are you able to play the game of halo knolage?

are you a fan? are you a nerd? if you pass this test with 100%, you will be a halo master. may halo guied your path. good luck. and one other thing, you may wish to read all the halo books befour you take the quiz. it will help if you do. halo is a gift, i dont believe in god, but i believe this game to be godly. (im not a nerd, i just love the game)

Created by: ian mathew

  1. what is the master chiefs first name?
  2. in "HALO, the fall of reach" wich planet did the covenant destroy first?
  3. there were three different aliens that visited harvest, what were they?
  4. in "halo, the fall of reach" which spartan was left on the covenant ship?
  5. why is it that johnson survived his encounter with the flood?
  6. during the battle of the "unyelding herophant" wich spartan was killed?
  7. who inventid the MMJOLENR armor?
  8. what order did the covenant leaders die in?
  9. are the SPARTAN threes better than th SPARTAN twos?
  10. what is SPARTAN 059, kurts, last name?

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