hairspray the lyrics

do you have what it takes to be a hairspray genius i have had 2 see if you can beat them so if you feel like it have a go and feel like a big pro that is if you win

are YOU a pure nicest kid in town then you must have power to win this quiz. help me by giving me the right answers and if you are right you get a star.

Created by: Emma
  1. the lyrics go "once i was a selfish fool who never understood"
  2. what is the first line on you can't stop the beat
  3. who sings good morning baltimore
  4. what is the name of this song: oh every afternoon when the clock strikes 4
  5. true or false: amber sing without love
  6. who sings it's hairspray
  7. who is cheating on who in big blond and beatiful
  8. who impresses link in ladies choice
  9. who kisses who at the end of you can't stop the beat
  10. who owns the dress shop they go to in mama welcome to the 60s

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