Guess the Disney Movie/Character in Five Words!

Whatever your favorite movie, I can bet you watched a lot of Disney movies as a kid. And you've surely picked up bits and pieces of knowledge from each and every movie. Some of our first teachers and role models were from Disney movies.

The words from your favorite Disney films are always there to guide you. Let's see how many of these one-liners are sitting somewhere in the back of your mind. You might be surprised to see how many movies/characters you can figure out from just five words.

Created by: RLD

  1. "And I don't have fleas!"
  2. "Then go ahead and staaaaarve!"
  3. "What would her father say?"
  4. "How can you read this?"
  5. "I'm bad, and that's good!"
  6. "But this is their land!"
  7. "Dishonor on your whole family."
  8. "You must take your place..."
  9. "Want me to sting her?"
  10. "So much for true love."
  11. "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty."

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