Guess that Melanie Martinez song

Ok so only reason I did this because I love k-12 and Mel so yeah and I’m a crybaby I really like the film and yeah so Mel since your amount there somewhere I luv you BYEEEEE

And I wanted to do it the k-12 album instead of crybaby album so yeah I love both equally And I support Mel I’m a crybaby to yknow what I’m shaying but I LOVE THE FILM AND MEL AND K-12

Created by: Crybabyk12bby

  1. What if I had told your mother, her son was a cruel motherf*****
  2. I know the driver see’s it, I know he’s peeking through the rearview mirror I’m saying nothing
  3. People gonna say, “if you need a break someone will take your place”
  4. Mommy why do I feel sad, should i give him away or feel this bad no, no, no don’t you choke, daddy chimed in go for the throat
  5. Your body’s not imperfectly perfect
  6. It’s my fault it’s my fault cause I put icing on top now the boys wanna taste of my __________ _________ it’s my bad it’s my dad no one told them not to grab
  7. Do you even have a brain your sticking to a page yeah your bleeding on a stage
  8. Step two this is a waste if you can’t walk me down the finish line
  9. If I’m so special why am I secret
  10. I want someone who understand oh oh oh come to my house lets die together, friendship that will last forever
  11. I’m not a bad guy, so don’t treat me bad if I’m feeling sad alright please don’t be mad if I don’t smile back alright if i f*** up my words don’t think I’m asburb alright, alright
  12. If I killed myself I would bleed I’m just like you your like me imperfect and human are we
  13. I’m coughing (cough)I’m bleeding, bandaids wont heal it cause they hate me and I’m faking all all of this so they take take me take me ho-oome give me that pink slip of permission

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