GTQ Academy Part 1 (Story Quiz)

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Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Hello! So in this story, every character introduced is an actual GTQ user. I will tell you in advance if any character I introduce is an OC. If you wish to be put into the quiz(It's preferred that either I know you or you use the GTQ forums), please comment telling me that and I will give you a mini form to fill out. I hope you enjoy my quiz!
  2. You wake up, opening your eyes to a dimly lit room; your bedroom. Sighing and rubbing your eyes, you reach over to your nightstand and pick up an alarm clock. You gasp as you read it. It said 8:52 am on it, and class started at 9:00 am. You scramble out of bed just as you hear a rapid knocking on your door. "Who is it?" You ask.
  3. "It's Brycen! Y/N, we gotta get to class, it starts in 8 minutes," the voice said. You smiled slightly- it's your best friend, ItsBrycen. Though you call him Bry. "I'm coming, just let me change and brush my hair and whatno-" "No," Bry began. "I hate school, but today is free taco day at the Cafeteria and if we're late to any of our classes then we don't get any free tacos!"
  4. Before you comprehend what's going on, Bry opens the door to your room. As you turn around you see him, his little green slime-ghost body hovering a few feet above the ground. "Aight," he said as he lopped himself down on the top of your head and melted down onto it. "Imma rest here. Now let's goooo!" He exclaimed, pointing his miniature green arm toward the door.
  5. With Bry resting on your head, you race down the halls of the academy, still half-asleep. You run for about 10 minutes since Bry was slowing you down without realizing it, and you arrive at your Quiz-Creating 101 class 2 minutes... late. You both groan and solemnly walk to your assigned seats, knowing that you were too late. The teacher then continued his lecture on 'Correct Grammar Usage In Quizzes.'
  6. After a few more classes, it's now time for lunch. You and Bry walk down to the Cafeteria and you pass by a girl sitting down in the hallway, reading a book. She had short and wavy brown hair and a pale complexion, along with circular glasses that framed her greenish-blue eyes. You stopped. Feeling the need to go talk to her, you turn around(with Bry on your head) and sit down beside her. "Hey," you say. "What's your name?"
  7. "Um, my name's Kris," the girl said in response, adjusting her rounded glasses. You smile at her. "Cool name. Can I call you Krissy, or do you prefer something else?" You say. She looked towards you and nodded. "I'm cool with that- you can really call me anything, but just make sure to run the name by me first please," she told you. "Ok. My name is Y/N, but you can call me [insert your nickname]. And the guy on top of me is Brycen. It's nice to meet you, Krissy," you say. She smiles. "It's nice to meet you too."
  8. You decide to go to lunch with Bry and Kris. As you're there, you get a couple of slices of three-cheese pizza, Bry gets a hamburger, and Kris gets a ham and cheese sandwich. You were all, in fact, late to your class, so none of you received any tacos, to your obvious disappointment. As you're all eating(you all sat down at the same table. Well, Bry floated above his chair. Krissy and you sat dow) Bry whispers something to you and Krissy.
  9. "Guys," he says. "I have an idea. We ARE going to get tacos, and here's how we're gonna do it..."
  10. Ok, that's the end of part 1! I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for any typos or anything throughout the quiz, and I'm sorry to anyone I put in here if I didn't get your personalities right! I'm working on it ^^'

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