Grade Your Friends

Sometimes, when you're friends with someone, the social status you think you have could be all an illusion, and, it might be possibly because of them!

So what social status does your friend have? Are they at the bottom, the top, or somewhere in between? Sometimes you wont be aware of your friends status and think its one thing while everyone els around you knows its something else. So what is it? take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Crystalfurr

  1. About how many friends would you say your friend has?
  2. Is your friend pretty, beautiful, dazzling, cute, all or none? (be honest)
  3. On a scale of 1 to 6, how attractive? (6 being very, 1 being not)
  4. What most fits your friends personality?
  5. Does your friend have any of these? (if they have more than one, click on the worst one that they have)
  6. Your friends style
  7. Your opinion of your friends style:
  8. How is your friends hygiene?
  9. which describes your friend?
  10. your thoughts on your friends popularity level?
  11. what do you think of yourself?

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