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  • Sorry I found this really late, I've been busy with essays and projects. So I was right, somebody would find out Rosella and Chris were lovers. I have NO idea who this Fred guy is all about, but he's creepy. Can I ask a completely obvious question but a potent one? Okay here it goes... WHO WAS THAT RED-EYED GIRL??? I mean whoa you really saw a girl with red eyes and all that? And what she going to tell Rosella? Which way should she break the cycle? Oh man, information city here. Too much is confusing, too little is confusing... hey that's actually really clever. No matter how much information she gets, there's no way she'll be able to handle the seriousness of the situation. Mind if I use that? not exactly but the idea. It's freaking brilliant. Even for six in the morning, trust me I know a good idea when I see one it's just pure genius. Amazing as usual, I'm off to read part 15

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • You just saw a red eyed girl in the mirror...!! That's pretty scary by the way i love your story its like i am addicted to it..!! Fabulously written

    Silent healer

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