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  • in the question where it says what do u look for in a husband. I think religion should have been added as one of the options too. The criteria only mentions looks, personality etc.

    Also, the quiz can be made more interesting if in the beginning you ask which country the person belongs to and is living in. After that devise it accordingly. The quiz seems to be for the abcd in da west. How abt also make it such that it caters to Asians in the middle east. Asian girls in the middle east are somewhat in da middle i suppose.

    Also, another point to be noted is that even in pakistan and back home a lot of men are very open minded and dont expect you to cook biryani and roti all the time. They might be even more open than in da west. This quiz doesnt cater to them. What you describe seems to be more of a village sort of mentality. But in big cities like karachi and lahore things have changed. Withe better education.

    The reason why its seen this way is that most asians in da west belong 2 some village area back home and thats what they think of when they consider marrying back there. But all of back home isnt liek that.

    And finally. girls plz marry someone compatible to you dont just go bacvk home and marry someone u dont get along wid. There is more to life than cookin roti. How about some islamic studies :)

    Ok iv written enuff

  • I dont think i am going to marry anyone ever.the quiz seemed lame actualy...

    Horrid boss

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