Get to know Bacon Cat

Hello. Welcome to my quiz. This is my second one. Ever. I am telling you this now, most/some of my questions have no effect on the score, so if you get a low score, it's not a bad thing.

I hope you enjoy this quiz, please don't write hate comments, I'd appreciate it if you didn't. I don't like it, but if you do leave one, don't be so harsh with it.

Created by: BaconCat

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  1. Hello. I am Bacon Cat.
  2. I am considered weird,strange,annoying,etc.
  3. I like a lot of music. My favorites are Rock,Metal,Techno,Trap,Trance, Electronica,etc.
  4. My favorite foods are tacos, pizza topped with bacon and pepperoni, bacon, Wendy's,etc.
  5. Are you getting bored of this quiz?
  6. I get angry a lot. You can say one mean thing, and I'll flip out.
  7. I believe in many things. God is not one of them. I am a complete atheist.
  8. I have five pets. Four cats, and a rabbit.
  9. I only have 2 friends. 1 of them is my best friend.
  10. My favorite color is black. Second is red.
  11. This is my last question. See how it stops at 13? That's my most favorite number.

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