How crazy for BACON are you?

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I was inspired to create this quiz due to my love of bacon! It is my number one favorite food! I love it crunchieness and juicieness! That is whay I made this quiz!

Now, what I want to know, do YOU love bacon? Please rate it when you're done, this is my first quiz to make so please let me know if it's good! Thanks!

Created by: BaconWrapped

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What time do you eat breakfast?
  2. What Is your favorite type of breakfast food?
  3. What is your favorite meat animal?
  4. What do you want when eating meat?
  5. What would you do in a world without bacon?
  6. How often do you eat bacon?
  7. How often WOULD you eat Bacon?
  8. Would you rather have pig or turckey bacon?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Would You reccomend this quiz?
  11. What do you think your Bacon Loving result will be? (Doesn't effect result)

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Quiz topic: How crazy for BACON am I?