Geography test?

Geography is a really really important thing to know in life and it's really really important if you are traveling somewere new that you have never been to.

You did a good job and even if you didn't do that good atleast you tried (I hope) but just thank you so so sos much for taking my test thank you very muchc

Created by: Hayden

  1. How many continents are in the world
  2. What country was Alaska part of before the U.S.
  3. What is the biggest U.S. State
  4. What state is Long Island in
  5. What continent is France in
  6. What is the capital of Germany
  7. What is not a U.S. State
  8. What counrty is in two continents?
  9. What language do they speak in Poland
  10. What language do they speak in Poland
  11. How many states are in the U.S.
  12. Which one is not a counrty
  13. What continent is Nepal in?
  14. What language do they speak in Germany
  15. What is the biggest counrty in the world
  16. Is West Virginia a state
  17. What do they call states in Canada
  18. Where is Toronto located
  19. Is New Zealand a counrty
  20. What is hati
  21. Does Asia and Europe touch
  22. Is Paris a counrty
  23. What state is the White House in
  24. What ocean touches California
  25. Is Georgia in the north or the south
  26. What is the other Virgina called
  27. What type of flag does Nepal have
  28. What counrty is London in
  29. What does Italy look like on a map
  30. How many Carolinas are there?(state)

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