Geography quiz! (mostly)

This is a quiz that was meant to be with questions like "Where's this?" and all of that, but I got carried away. Anyway, I hope you really enjoy it, and good luck!

So, here are the rules: Please, please, please don't cheat, because, whatever your score, even if very, very low, I'm sure you can improve, and this may not be the thing you're interested in.

Created by: MZ.G.T

  1. Which continent is Belgium on?
  2. Where is the Eiffel Tower?
  3. Which one of these is not a famous painter?
  4. How many stars are on the flag of the U.S.A?
  5. Is Oceania made up of other 10 countries?
  6. Where does Dina Averina come from?
  7. Which country invented the Cyrillic alphabet?
  8. Which continent is Djibouti on?
  9. Which continent is Laos on?
  10. Which country is Greenland part of?

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