Geography Test - Multiple Choice

A 19 Question Geography quiz! Try this test to check how skilled you are on the subject of Geography! You will scored from 0 - 100% at the end of the test.

This test will include questions about countries, cities, places, populations, islands, the equator, the history of certain country borders, and much more.

Created by: BruhMoment
  1. What is the largest country of Oceania?
  2. How many countries in North America & Central America?
  3. Which of these countries is double landlocked?
  4. What is the current population of Austria (March 2022)?
  5. What is the 9th largest Country in the world?
  6. What is the 27th largest Country in the world?
  7. Which Country currently has the 22nd largest population in the the world (March 2022)?
  8. Which of the following Oceanic islands is the largest?
  9. How many Countries sit along the Equator?
  10. Which of these Countries is the 3rd newest to become independent?
  11. Which of these countries is not on the Equator exactly?
  12. What year did West and East Germany become reunited and one Country again?
  13. What is (roughly) the Equatorial circumference of the Earth?
  14. Which of these South American countries does Brazil not share a border with?
  15. What is the worlds largest inland body of water?
  16. Until 2019, which city was considered “the southernmost city in the world”?
  17. In Iceland, you can walk across two tectonic plates side by side. Which ones are they?
  18. How many sites have UNESCO protected?
  19. Who was Serbia never helped by and/or a part of prior to 1914, but after 1890?

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